I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Nuclear reactions

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization

d. Hadron physics

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. How much charm can ${\bar P}ANDA$ produce, Radhey Shyam3pdf
I2. Evaluating Transport Coefficients of Hot Hadronic Matter, Sourav Sarkar5pdf
I3. Reaction Mechanism of Multi-nucleon Transfer: Recent Studies with Spherical and Deformed Nuclei, Bidyut Jyoti Roy7pdf
I4. Investigation of interplay of single particle and collective modes of excitation in sd shell nuclei, Abhijit Bisoi9pdf
I5. Numerical Simulation of Gaseous Ionization Detectors, Supratik Mukhopadhyay11pdf
I6. Hidden beauty and charm of relativistic heavy ion collisions, Vineet Kumar13pdf
I7. Understanding of fission dynamics from fragment mass distribution studies, D.C. Biswas15pdf
I8. Quark Number Susceptibility : Revisited in mean field theories, Anirban Lahiri17pdf
I9. The ISOLDE Facility, Recent Highlights and the HIE-ISOLDE Project, Karl Johnston19pdf
I10. Neutrino Science and Applications, Adam Bernstein21pdf
I11. Nuclear level density and its dependence on angular momentum and ground state deformation , K. Banerjee23pdf
I12. Influence of proton and neutron alignment on shears mechanism: A case in mass $\sim$ 140 region, A. Goswami25pdf
I13. Fission time anomaly for highly excited transuranium nuclei, A. Ray27pdf
I14. LCP-accompanied fission to symmetric tripartition of heavy and superheavy nuclei, M. Balasubramaniam29pdf
I15. Nuclear structure studies with Indian National Gamma Array and future developments at IUAC, R. P. Singh31pdf
I16. Study of nuclear matter at sub-saturation densities by QMD simulations: Role of Symmetry energy, Rana Nandi33pdf
I17. Investigation of dynamics of fusion reactions through cross-section and spin distribution measurements, Maninder Kaur35pdf
I18. Light and Heavy Cluster Knockout Reactions, B. N. Joshi37pdf
I19. Nuclear Fusion Reactions Involving Weakly Bound Nuclei at Near Barrier Energies, Rajesh Kharab39pdf
I20. Incomplete Fusion Studies at 15UD Pelletron Energies, B P Singh41pdf
I21. Ultra fast timing MMRPC: a versatile detector for basic and applied science, Ushasi Datta43pdf
I22. Introduction to Particle Accelerator Complex at GSI/ FAIR and Some Interesting Aspects of SIS Upgrade Program , T. Mohite45pdf
I23. Evaluation of nuclear radius parameter $(r_0)$ for even-even nuclei, Sukhjeet Singh47pdf
I24. Dark Matter direct detection, Debasish Majumdar49pdf
I25. Recent Developments in RF Accelerators at IUAC, P.N. Prakash51pdf
I26. LEHIPA: A High Current Low Energy Accelerator for Nuclear Physics, S. Krishnagopal53pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Information content of nuclear masses: A covariance analysis, C. Mondal,B. K. Agrawal,J. N. De56pdf
A2. Shape transition from collective prolate to spherical as a function of temperature in 169Tm nucleus via GDR gamma-rays , Deepak Pandit,Srijit Bhattacharya,Balaram Dey,Debasish Mondal,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,S R Banerjee58pdf
A3. Shell model interpretation for recently measured Gamow-Teller strengths for $^{54}$Ni, $^{50}$Fe, $^{46}$Cr, and $^{42}$Ti nuclei, Vikas Kumar,P.C. Srivastava60pdf
A4. Prediction of Exotic Deformations in the Generalized Differential Equation Model for B(E2)$\uparrow$ and E2, R.C. Nayak,S. Pattnaik62pdf
A5. High spin spectroscopy of $^{106}$Ag, N Rather,P Datta,S Chattopadhyay,S Rajbanshi,A Goswami,S Roy,R Palit,S Pal,S Saha,J Sethi,S Biswas,P Sing,H. C Jain64pdf
A6. Study of GDR width variation at low temperature in $^{28}$Si + $^{124}$Sn system at $\rm E_{Si}$ = 130 MeV, C. Ghosh,G. Mishra,N. Dokania,M.S. Pose,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,Suresh Kumar,P.C. Rout,Sandeep Joshi66pdf
A7. Exploring shell structure evolution above $N=50$ by study of high-spin states in $^{89}$Y, Purnima Singh,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,S. Biswas,D. Choudhury,T. Trivedi68pdf
A8. The decay of N=126, $^{213}$Fr nucleus, A.Y. Deo70pdf
A9. Static quadrupole moments in 120Te nuclei, Mansi Saxena,R. Kumar,P. Napiorkowski,A. Stolarz,M. Komorowska,K. Wrzosek-Lipska,J. Srebrny,S. Dutt,H.J. Wollersheim72pdf
A10. Application of state-of-the-art Monte Carlo simulations in DSAM analysis, S. Das ,S. Samanta,R. Bhattacharjee,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,U. Garg,L. Chaturvedi,T. Trivedi,S. Mukhopadhyay,R. Chakrabarti,A. Dhal,M. Kumar Raju,N. Madhavan,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit74pdf
A11. Level Structures in n-rich Np $($Z=93$)$ Isotopes, R Gowrishankar,Jena Kamalakanta,Sekhar Adhitya,K Vijaya Sai,P. C Sood76pdf
A12. Low energy cluster states in 34S, Abhijit Bisoi,S Sarkar,M Saha Sarkar78pdf
A13. Nuclear structure study at low spin in $^{169}$Tm, Md. A. Asgar,A. Dhal,T. Roy,G. Mukherjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,C. Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharya,A. Chaudhuri,K. Banerjee,S. Kundu,S. Manna,R. Pandey,J.K. Meena80pdf
A14. Staircase band in $^{105,107,109}$Ag: Fingerprint of interplay between Shears Mechanism and Collective Rotation, B Das,Niyaz Rather,P Datta,S Chattopadhyay,A Goswami,S Rajbanshi,G.H Bhat,J.A Sheikh,S Roy,R Palit,S Pal,S Saha,J Sethi,S Biswas,P Singh,H.C Jain82pdf
A15. Probable cluster decays from $^{298-336}$126 superheavy nuclei, B. Priyanka,K.P. Santhosh84pdf
A16. Studying phase transition of 232Th nucleons system within the BCS model , Azam Rahmatinejad,Rohallah Razavi,Tayeb Kakavand86pdf
A17. Microscopic study of oblate to prolate shape transition at higher spins in neutron-rich 100-104Zr isotopes, Ritu Chaudhary,Rani Devi,S.K. Khosa88pdf
A18. Shape evolution and isomerism in neutron-rich Pt nuclei, S.G. Wahid,S.K. Tandel,P. Chowdhury,R.V.F. Janssens,M.P. Carpenter,T.L. Khoo,F.G. Kondev,T. Lauritsen,C.J. Lister,D. Seweryniak,S. Zhu90pdf
A19. Neutron skin in Osmium isotopes, Nithu Ashok,Antony Joseph,Deepthy Maria Joseph92pdf
A20. Spectroscopy Studies in A $\sim$ 35 Region: Recent Results, S. Aydin,M. Ionescu-Bujor,F. Recchia,S.M. Lenzi,M. Bouhelal,D. Bazzacco,P.G. Bizzeti,A.M. Bizzeti-Sona, Angelis,I. Deloncle,E. Farnea,A. Gadea,A. Gottardo,F. Haas,T. Huyuk,H. Laftchiev,S. Lunardi,D. Mengoni,R. Menegazzo,C. Michelagnoli,D.R. Napoli,A. Poves,E. Sahin,P.P. Singh,D. Tonev,C.A. Ur,J.J Valiente-Dobon94pdf
A21. High spin negative parity states in 135Pr, Ritika Garg ,S. Kumar,Mansi Saxena ,Savi Goyal,Davinder Siwal,Sunil Kalkal,S. Verma,R. Singh,S. C. Pancholi,R. Palit ,Deepika Choudhury,S. S. Ghugre,G. Mukherjee,R. Kumar,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,R. K. Bhowmik,S. Mandal96pdf
A22. Search for isomeric state in odd-odd $^{150}$Pm, A. Saha,D. Banerjee,T. Bhattacharjee,Deepak Pandit,S.S. Alam,P. Das,Soumik Bhattacharya,A. Choudhury,S. Bhattacharyya,A. Mukherjee,R. Guin,S.K. Das,S.R. Banerjee98pdf
A23. Direct collectivity measurements via Coulomb excitation, Vivek Kumar ,L.P. Gaffney,A.P. Robinson,D.G. Jenkins,Kuljeet Singh,ISOLDE collaborators100pdf
A24. Spectroscopic quadrupole moment of the 2$^{+}$ state at 4.439 MeV in $^{12}$C, M. Kumar Raju, J. N. Orce, C. V. Mehl, N. Erasmus, T. E. Drake, M. K. Djongolov, P. Navratil, G. C. Ball, H. Al Falou, R. Churchman, D. S. Cross, S. Triambak, P. FInlay, C. Forseen, A. B. Garnsworthy, P. E. Garrett, G. Hackman, A. B. Hayes, R. Kshetri, J. Lassen, K. G. Leach, R. Li, J. Meissner, C. J. Pearson, E. T. Rand, F. Sarazin, S. K. L. Sjue, C. S. Sumithrarachchi, C. E. Svensson, E. R. Tardiff, A. Teigelhoefer, S. J. Williams, J. Wong, C. Y. Yu102pdf
A25. Study of neutrinoless double beta decay in R-parity violating supersymmetric models via exchange of gluinos, Yash Kaur Singh,T. K. Yadav,R. Chandra,P. K. Rath,P. K. Raina104pdf
A26. Isovector giant dipole resonance in Relativistic Thomas-Fermi formalism, S. K Biswal,S. K Patra,X Vinas106pdf
A27. Investigation of nuclear structure below the 132Sn core, Sangeeta Das,Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar108pdf
A28. Isotopic yield distribution of neutron-rich fragment nuclei produced in thermal neutron induced fission, S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,G. de France,M. Jentschel,S. Leoni,P.Mutti,G. Simpson,T. Soldner, C. A. Ur, W. Urban110pdf
A29. Study of giant dipole resonance in $^{152}$Gd, A. K. Rhine Kumar,Swati Modi ,P. Arumugam112pdf
A30. Observation of rare shape-phase transition in hot and rotating $^{192}$Pt nucleus , Indranil Mazumdar,M. Dhibar,D.A. Gothe,P.B Chavan,G Anil Kumar,A.K. Rhine Kumar,P. Arumugam114pdf
A31. New levels in $^{160}$Dy from the beta decay of $^{160}$Tb , Deepa S,Dwaraka Rani Rao,Venkataramaniah K116pdf
A32. On the role of strong interaction in understanding nuclear beta stability line and nuclear binding energy , U.V.S Seshavatharam,S Lakshminarayana118pdf
A33. $\Delta$K=0 admixed band structures in the odd-odd deformed nucleus $^{176}_{71}Lu_{105 }$, P. C. Sood,D. G. Burke,K. Vijay Sai,R. Gowrishankar120pdf
A34. Level Structures in the N=91 Odd-Odd Nucleus $_{65}^{156}$Tb$_{91}$, P. C. Sood,R. K. Sheline,R. Gowrishankar,K. Vijay Sai122pdf
A35. A relativistic self-consistent mean-field framework for Sm isotopes, Afaque Karim,Tasleem A. Siddiqui,Shakeb Ahmad124pdf
A36. Theoretical prediction of $\alpha$-decay chains of $^{298,299}120$ superheavy nuclei, Shakeb Ahmad,Afaque Karim,Tasleem A. Siddiqui126pdf
A37. Shape evolution in even-even Sr and Kr isotopes, S. Rai,B. Mukherjee128pdf
A38. Neutron separation energies of Ca, Sn and Pb isotopes using different mass models, R. N. Panda,S. K. Patra,S. A. Abbas130pdf
A39. Level spin for superdeformed 195Hg nucleus, H.M. Mittal,Anshul Dadwal132pdf
A40. Triaxial projected shell model study of Multi-phonon $\gamma$-band in $^{165}$Ho nucleus, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,S. Jehangir,W. A. Dar,R. N. Ali,P. A. Ganai134pdf
A41. Systematic study of kinematic and dynamic moment of inertia of SD band in A=150 mass region , H.M. Mittal,Honey Sharma,N Sharma136pdf
A42. TQPRM calculations for {$(h_{9/2})_p$ x $(i_{13/2})_n$} and {$(i_{13/2})_p$ x $(i_{13/2})_n$} structures in doubly odd 176Ir, Kawalpreet Kalra,Dr. Alpana Goel ,Dr. A.K. Jain138pdf
A43. Effect of nuclear charge distributions on electronic orbitals in superheavy elements, J. Jose,M. Gupta,Y. K. Gambhir140pdf
A44. Long-Lived Isomers in the Z=71 (Lu) isotopic sequence, K Vijay Sai,R Gowrishankar,M Saisivaramakrishna,P.C. Sood142pdf
A45. B(E2)s of High-spin Isomers in Generalized Seniority Scheme, Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain144pdf
A46. Search for shape coexistence in odd - Z rare earth proton emitters, Mamta Aggarwal146pdf
A47. $^{84}$Zr at High Spins, M. Kaushik,G. Saxena148pdf
A48. RMF+BCS Description of N = 16 Shell Closure, G. Saxena,M. Kaushik150pdf
A49. Existence of proton halo nuclei via cluster radioactivity, R. K. Biju,M. K. Preethi Rajan,K. P. Santhosh152pdf
A50. Study of GDR in Ba isotopes at $\sim$ 5 MeV/A, C. Ghosh,V. Nanal,N. Dokania,K.V. Anoop,S. Pal,R.G. Pillay,G. Mishra,P.C. Rout,E.T. Mirgule,Abhijit Garai,Ghnashyam Gupta,M.S. Pose,Balaram Dey,Debasish Mondal154pdf
A51. Variational energy for $\Theta^+$-$^2H $ bound state, Mohammad Shoeb,Tabassums Naz,Mariyah Siddiqah156pdf
A52. Systematic Study of the temperature variation of isospin mixing in 32S, Debasish Mondal,S. Mukhopadhyay,Deepak Pandit,Balaram Dey,Surajit Pal,Srijit Bhattacharya,A. De,K. Banerjee,Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,S. R. Banerjee158pdf
A53. Systematic study of Grodzins Product Rule (GPR) with P- Factor, Amit Bindra,H.M. Mittal160pdf
A54. Half- life values in heavy elements using Relativistic mean field model, Suchitra Mahapatro162pdf
A55. Study of \gamma-vibrational band structures in 105Nb nucleus using triaxial projected shell model approach, w. Waheed,J. A. Sheikh,G. H. Bhat,R. N. Ali,S. Jehangir,P. A. Ganie,T. A. Mir,P. Javed164pdf
A56. Study of odd-even staggering in gamma band of 154Gd, Rajesh Kumar,M. Singh,S. Sharma166pdf
A57. Study of multiphonon gamma-gamma band in 110Ru, Parveen Kumari,H.M. Mittal168pdf
A58. Role of Isospin in Neutron-rich Fission Fragments, Swati Garg,Bhoomika Maheshwari,Ashok Kumar Jain170pdf
A59. High spin gamma ray spectroscopy of $^{196}$Tl, Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,G. Mukherjee,H. Pai,S. Bhattacharyya,M.R Gohil,C. Bhattacharya,R. Palit,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,Shital Thakur,B.S Naidu,S.V Jadav,R. Donthi,A. Goswami172pdf
A60. IBs in normal deformed odd-A nuclei, Pardeep Singh,Harjeet Kaur,Sham S. Malik174pdf
A61. Cluster decay of various Gd isotopes from the trans-tin region, Kanishka Sharma,Gudveen Sawhney,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta176pdf
A62. Analysis of $\alpha$- and cluster-emission in superheavy nuclei, Gudveen Sawhney,Amandeep Kaur,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta178pdf
A63. Excited States in 101 Pd, V. Singh,S. Sihotra,J. Goswamy,N. Singh,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit,Z. Naik,D. Mehta180pdf
A64. Odd-even Staggering of Superdeformed Rotational Band in A~190 Mass Region, V.S Uma,Alpana Goel,Kawalpreet Kalra,Archana Yadav,A.K Jain182pdf
A65. The study of the energy spin relationship in ground band of even-even nuclei in the frame work of Power Law, Vidya Devi,J.B. Gupta184pdf
A66. The study of transition probabiliies in low-lying levels of light Mg-Zr nuclei, Vidya Devi186pdf
A67. Nuclear structur of Pd nuclei in the framework of IBM-1 and odd even staggering, Vidya Devi,H.M. Mittal188pdf
A68. Role of Residual N- P interaction in K=0 band of doubly odd rare earth nuclei, Kawalpreet Kalra,Uma V.S.,Alpana Goel ,Archana Yadav,A.K. Jain190pdf
A69. Isotopic yield in binary fission of even-even $^{244-254}$Cf isotopes , Annu Cyriac,Sreejith Krishnan,Sabina Sahadevan,K P Santhosh192pdf
A70. Study of alpha decay and energy in MeV in superheavy element using SK Model, Niranjani194pdf
A71. Study of K-Isomers in Hafnium Nuclei, B. B. Sahu,Z. Naik,S. K. Ghorui,C. R. Praharaj196pdf
A72. Plolarization Measurements and Re-investigation of Intermediate states in $^{86}$Rb., Suresh Kumar,Naveen Kumar,S.K. Mandal,R. Palit198pdf
A73. Shell model study of low lying states in Zn isotopes, S. Rai,A. Biswas,B. Mukherjee200pdf
A74. DCO ratio analysis of high spin states in $^{67}$Ga, S. Rai,B. Mukherjee,S. Muralithar,R.P. Singh,R. Kumar,K. Rani,R.K. Bhowmik202pdf
A75. High spin band structure of the chiral candidate $^{132}La$ and $^{134}Pr$ using Triaxial Projected Shell Model Approach, W. A. Dar,J. A. Sheikh,G. H. Bhat204pdf
A76. The systematics study of power law parameters of gamma band and comparison with ground state band for medium mass region, Vikas Katoch,S Sharma206pdf
A77. New perspective in the use of power law formula for ground state rotational band in transitional nuclei, Vikas Katoch,S Sharma208pdf
A78. Revamped Half- Lives of Super Heavy Elements(SHE) in Trans-Actinide Region, G.M. Carmel Vigila Bai,J Umai Parvathiy210pdf
A79. Geometry of Magnetic Rotational $($MR$)$ band crossing in MR phenomenon, K. Rojeeta Devi,S. Kumar212pdf
A80. Effects of different $NN$ potentials on $^{120}$Te nucleus, C. Lahiri,S.K. Biswal,S.K. Patra214pdf
A81. Role of Intruder Orbits in the structure of doubly shell closed ${56}$Ni, S. Pattnayak,C. Padhan,C.R. Praharaj,Z. Naik216pdf
A82. Low -lying states near I$^{\pi}$ = 5$^{+}$ Ground State in $^{102}$Ag , V. Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar,K. Singh,N. Singh,J. Goswamy,J. Sethi,S. Saha,R. Palit,G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,D. Mehta218pdf
A83. Shape Transitions In Hot Rotating 154Nd Nucleus, Hemalin Subala,V Selvam220pdf
A84. Structural Changes in Hot Rotating 74 Kr Nucleus, D.R. Jayahar Devadhason ,V Selvam222pdf
A85. Level density and shape evolution of unstable doubly magic $^{24}$O , S Kumar Santhosh,P Preetha224pdf
A86. Structural evolution from low to high-spin states in $^{130}$Xe, S. K. Ghorui,Somnath Nag,A. K. Singh,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath226pdf
A87. A Comparative Study of the Strongly Coupled Band in $^{111,115}$Sb, Md. Alibordi,Ranjana Goswami,Sandip Sitaram Ghugre228pdf
A88. Estimated $\alpha$-decay half-lives of even-even $Z=120$ SHEs in the range of neutron number 172 $\leq$$N\leq$ 186, Sushil Kumar,Arun Sharma230pdf
A89. Derivation of a novel formula for Alpha decay half-life, Basudeb Sahu,Swagatika Bhoi232pdf
A90. Island of inversion around N = 20 isotones and Indication of a bubble structure, Rupayan Bhattacharya234pdf
A91. Mixing ratio of gamma-rays in $^{85}$Sr nucleus from the R$_{DCO}$ and Polarization Asymmetry measurements, Neelam,Suresh Kumar236pdf
A92. Variation of level density parameter with angular momentum in 119Sb, Mamta Aggarwal,S. Kailas238pdf
A93. Configuration assignment to K$^{\pi}$=1$^{+}$ and 6$^{+}$ : 7/2[523]$_{\pi}$*5/2[523]$_{\nu}$ Gallagher Moszkowaski (GM) doublets of $^{162,164}$Ho nuclides, Sushil Kumar,Sukhjeet Singh,A. Goel,A.K. Jain,J.K. Sharma240pdf
A94. Signature inversion in K$^{\pi}$=1$^{-}$:7/2[523]$_{\pi}$*5/2[642]$_{\nu}$ band of $^{164}$Tm, Sushil Kumar,Sukhjeet Singh,A. Goel,A.K. Jain,J.K. Sharma242pdf
A95. Decay Spectroscopy of 134I, R. Banik,S. Bhattacharyya,Soumik Bhattacharya,D. Banerjee,S.K. Das,G. Mukherjee,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Choudhury,P. Das,R. Guin,A. Saha244pdf
A96. Study of ground $\gamma$ and $\gamma \gamma$ -band in $^{112}$Ru nucleus, M. Singh,Rajesh Kumar,A. K. Varshney,D. K. Gupta246pdf
A97. Regional regularities in various mass regions of even nuclei, Y. Singh,M. Singh,Chhail Bihari,Pradeep Kumar,K. K. Gupta ,D. K. Gupta248pdf
A98. Neutron magicity in cluster radioactivity, M S Unnikrishnan,K Hariprabha,Jessy K Benny250pdf
A99. Change of Ef and Eb for Superheavy elements from Z= 104-117, T. Sahoo,R.L. Nayak,A. Acharya252pdf
A100. Band moment of inertia of yrast and excited SD band of even-even nuclei in A=150 mass region, Neha Sharma,HM Mittal,AK Jain254pdf
A101. Energy levels observed as $g$ $\beta1$ $\beta2$ $\beta3$ $\gamma$ and $\gamma\gamma$ band in some even nuclei support the rotational structure, K. K. Gupta,M. Singh,Y. Singh,A. Singh,A. K. Varshney256pdf
A102. Asymmetric deformation and NpNn scheme, A. K. Varshney,M. Singh,Yuvraj Singh,Rajesh Kumar258pdf
A103. Study of low-spin states of 197Hg from decay spectroscopy, Soumik Bhattacharya,S. Bhattacharyya,R. Banik,S. Dutta,G. Mukherjee,A. Choudhury,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Saha,D. Banerjee,R. Guin,P. Das260pdf
A104. Shears Band based on a large multi-qp configuration in $^{195}$Tl., T Roy,H Pai,Md. Ali Asgar,G Mukherjee,A Dhal,C Bhattacharya262pdf
A105. Identification of collective proton excitations in $^{94}$Zr, K. Mandal,H. Sultana,A. Chakraborty,E.E. Peters,B.P. Crider,C. Andreoiu,P.C. Bender,D.S. Cross,G.A. Demand,A.B. Garnsworthy,P.E. Garrett,G. Hackman,B. Hadinia,S. Ketelhut,Ajay Kumar,K.G. Leach,M.T. McEllistrem,J. Pore,F.M. Prados-Estevez,E.T. Rand,B. Singh,E.R. Tardiff,Z.-M. Wang,J.L. Wood,S.W. Yates264pdf
A106. High Spin Spectroscopic Study of a few nearly spherical nuclei in A $\sim$ 150 region, H. Sultana,A. Chakraborty,R. Bhattacharjee,S.S. Bhattacharjee,S.K. Das,S. Samanta,S.S. Ghugre,R. Raut,A.K. Sinha,L. Chaturvedi,B.K. Yogi,A. Jhingan,N. Madhavan,S. Muralithar,S. Nath,R.P. Singh,P. Sugathan266pdf
A107. Spectroscopy of $^{25}$Mg, H. Sultana,A. Chakraborty,R. Bhattacharjee,S.S. Bhattacharjee,R. Chakrabarti,S.K. Das,S. Samanta,S.S. Ghugre,R. Raut,A.K. Sinha,T. Trivedi,L. Chaturvedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit268pdf
A108. Fast Timing measurement in neutron rich $^{131,132}$I, S.S. Alam,T. Bhattacharjee,D. Banerjee,A. Saha,P. Das,S.K. Das270pdf
A109. Angular Correlation measurement around Z=64, N. Sensharma,S.S. Alam,D. Banerjee,T. Bhattacharjee,A. Saha,S.K. Das272pdf
A110. $\alpha$-decay Half-lives Study of Superheavy Nuclei, R.K. Paira,B.B. Sahu,B. Sahu274pdf
A111. The strength of nuclear shell effect at $N$ = 82 in the transitional nuclei, M Bhuyan,S. K. Patra,Shan-Gui Zhou276pdf
A112. Semiclassical approach to fluctuations in temperatures of nuclei, Nishchal R. Dwivedi,Harjeet Kaur,Sudhir R. Jain278pdf
A113. Microscopic study on staggering effect of $^{55, 56, 57, 58}$Fe isotopes, J. Dhivya Saranya,S. Prasanna Kumari,T. R. Rajasekaran280pdf
A114. Cluster Radioactivity of Z=125 super heavy nuclei , H.C Manjunatha,L Seenappa282pdf
A115. Investigation of probable decays in Rhenium isotopes, Deepthy Maria Joseph,Antony Joseph,Nithu Ashok284pdf
A116. The time differential perturbed angular distribution (TDPAD) measurement of isomeric state in $^{135}$La, S. Saha,R. Palit,S. N. Mishra,J. Sethi,S. Biswas,P. Singh,S. K. Mohanta286pdf
A117. Energy dissipation in the cold fission of 252Cf, PV Kunhikrishnan,MP Unnikrishnan,Antony Joseph288pdf
A118. N forbidden allowed $\beta$-decays in deformed nuclei, K. Vijay Sai,R. Gowrishankar,A.V.R. Murthy,P.S.J. Bharadwaj,P.C. Sood290pdf
A119. Multi-quasiparticle states in $ ^{127} $I, S Chakraborty,S S Tiwary,C Majumder,P K Prajapati,P Banerjee,S Ganguly,R P Singh,S Muralithar,A Kumar,S Kumar,H P Sharma292pdf
A120. Possible Multiple Antimagnetic Rotational Band in $^{106}$ Cd, C Majumder,S Chakraborty,S S Tiwary,P K Prajapati,P Banerjee,S Ganguly,R P Singh,S Muralithar,H P Sharma294pdf
A121. Mystery of $^{151}$Ho isotope, S. Das Gupta,M. Saha Sarkar296pdf
A122. Search for high-spin isomers near $N=50$ shell closure, Purnima Singh,R. Palit,D. Choudhury,S. Biswas,S. Saha,J. Sethi,C. Ghosh,H. C. Jain,P. C. Srivastava,S. Mukhopadhyay,D.C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,A. Asgar,G. Mukherjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A . K. Sinha,S. K. Tandel,S. Muralithar298pdf
A123. Study of squark-neutrino mechanism of neutrinoless double beta decay in R-parity violating supersymmetric models, R. Chandra,V. K. Nautiyal,R. Gautam,K. Chaturvedi,P. K. Rath,P. K. Raina300pdf
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b. Nuclear reactions      Top

B1. Understanding Reaction Mechanisms of Multi-nucleon Transfer Reactions in Deformed Nuclei, B. J. Roy,Anjali Aggarwal, Shivani,Taniya Basu, Sonika,H. Kumawat,S. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,K. Ramchandran,K. Mahata,A. Pal,A. Kundu,D. Chattopadhyay,S. Santra ,T. Sinha,A. K. Mohanty,K. Sakizawa328pdf
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B100. Influence of symmetry energy on the multifragmentation of asymmetric heavy-ion collisions, Arun Sharma,Sakshi Gautam,Rajeev K. Puri,Arun Bharti526pdf
B101. Transition energy of neutron-rich colliding pairs in intermediate energy heavy ion collisions, Navjot Kaur Virk,Sangeeta Arora528pdf
B102. Influence of hexadecapole deformation on fusion for $^{16}$O + $^{174,176}$Yb systems, Tapan Rajbongshi,K. Kalita,S. Nath,N. Madhavan,J. Gehlot,I. Mukul,Tathagata Banerjee,R. Dubey,T. Varughese,A. Shamlath,P.V. Laveen,M. Shareef,Priya Sharma,Neeraj Kumar,P. Jisha530pdf
B103. Fabrication of thin target of 138Ba by vacuum evaporation, K.K. Rajesh,M.M. Hosamani,A. Shamlath,S.R. Abhilash,N. Madhavan,M.M. Musthafa,D. Kabiraj532pdf
B104. Finite Range-DWIA Analysis of 300 MeV 40Ca$($p,2p$)$39K Reaction, Mahendra Kushwaha,Bhushan N. Joshi,Arun Kumar Jain,Sudhir R. Jain534pdf
B105. Importance of direct reaction processes in $^{6}$Li+$^{209}$Bi reaction , M. R. Morker,S. S. Godre536pdf
B106. Investigation of neutron induced reaction cross section data in the mass region $A=50-96$ by EMPIRE code, G. Mohanto,S.V. Suryanarayana,A. Saxena,B.K. Nayak538pdf
B107. GEF calculations for the Mass distribution in $^{238}$U$(^{18}$O,f$)$ reaction, L. S. Danu,D. C. Biswas,B. K. Nayak,A. Saxena540pdf
B108. True ternary fission in $^{310}_{126}$X, B Banupriya,K R Vijayaraghavan,M Balasubramaniam542pdf
B109. Role of fusion fission process on fragment emission mechanism in 32S+12C reaction, R. Pandey,C. Bhattacharya,S. Kundu,K. Banerjee,S. Manna,T.K. Rana,J.K. Meena,T. Roy,A. Chaudhari,Md. A. Asgar,V. Srivastava,A. Dey,M. Sinha,G. Mukherjee,P. Roy,T.K. Ghosh,S. Bhattacharya,A. Srivastava,K. Mahata,S.K. Pandit,P. Patle,S. Pal,V. Nanal544pdf
B110. Two center shell model approach to light and heavy particle accompanied fission of $^{252}$Cf, R Monisha,C Karthikraj,M Balasubramaniam546pdf
B111. Alpha decay chains of superheavy nuclei $^{278,282}$ 113, C. Nithya,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh,A. Augustine548pdf
B112. Nuclear Clustering - A cluster core model study, G. Paul Selvi, N. Nandhini, M. Balasubramaniam550pdf
B113. Projectile target combinations for the synthesis of $^{302}$120 SHN, V. Safoora,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh552pdf
B114. Competition between Complete and Incomplete Fusion Reaction Mechanism below 8 MeV/nucleon energies, Asif Ali,Harish Kumar,M. Afzal Ansari,D. Singh,Rahbar Ali,Suhail A. Tali,Siddharth Parashari,Kamal Kumar,N. P. M. Sathik,R. Dubey,Indu Bala,Rakesh Kumar,R. P. Singh ,S. Muralithar554pdf
B115. Extricate of incomplete fusion reactions at 4-7 MeV/A System:19F+159Tb, Unnati Gupta ,S. K. Mandal,A. Yadav,D. P. Singh,S. Goswami,M. K. Sharma,B. P. Singh556pdf
B116. ER excitation function measurement for the $^{35,37}$Cl+$^{181}$Ta reactions, P.V. Laveen ,E. Prasad,N. Madhavan,S. Nath,J. Gehlot,A.M. Vinodkumar,A. Jhingan,T. Varughese,Tathagata Banerjee,DVGRKS. Kumar,P. Sandya Devi,M. Shareef, Khushboo,A. Shamlath,P. Jisha,Priya Sharma,Neeraj Kumar,M.M. Hosamani558pdf
B117. Neutron induced reactions using $^{241}$Am source, Himanshu Kumar Singh,Pragya Das560pdf
B118. Coupled channel calculations of $^{40}$Ca+$^{40,48}$Ca reactions, Nisha Chauhan,S. S. Godre562pdf
B119. Investigation of surface diffuseness of colliding nuclei with respect to N/Z ratio, Suman Mittal,Ishwar Dutt564pdf
B120. Fusion Reaction Study of $^{16}$O+$^{92}$Zr System, R. R. Swain,R. K. Paira,B. B. Sahu,B. Sahu566pdf
B121. Multi-nucleon transfer and fission cross sections for 28Si+ 197Au, 209Bi and 232Th reactions at 179 MeV, D.C. Biswas,Nishant Kumar,Shradha Dubey,G.K. Prajapati1,B.N. Joshi,K. Mahata,Y.K. Gupta,S. Mukhopadhyay,L.S. Danu,S. Sodaye,R.P Vind,B.V John568pdf
B122. Breakup/Transfer induced Fission Fragment Angular Anisotropy for $^{6}\textrm{Li}+^{238}\textrm{U}$, A. Parihari,G. Mohanto,B. K. Nayak,A. Chaudhuri,T. K. Ghosh,N. L. Singh,K. Banerjee,S. Kundu,J. K. Meena570pdf
B123. The fusion excitation function for a positive Q-value system at near and deep sub-barrier energies using Skyrme energy density formalism, Atul Choudhary,Dalip Singh Verma572pdf
B124. Decay cross sections of excited compound system $^{39}$K* and $^{40}$Ca* formed in heavy ion reactions, P. V. Subha,B. Priyanka,K. P. Santhosh574pdf
B125. Determination of Coulomb Barrier using X-ray Spectroscopy Technique, Prashant Sharma,Tapan Nandi576pdf
B126. Study of Shaking Process during Nuclear Transfer Reactions, Prashant Sharma,Tapan Nandi578pdf
B127. Energy and Spin Dependence of Heavy Ion Potential and near Barrier Fusion, N. K. Ghosh,S. Das,S. Samanta,S. S. Ghugre,R. Raut,A. K. Sinha580pdf
B128. Dependence of incomplete fusion on projectile structure, Sabir Ali,Tauseef Ahmad,Kamal Kumar,I.A. Rizvi,Sunil Dutt,Avinash Agarwal,S.S. Ghugre,A.K. Sinha,A.K. Chaubey582pdf
B129. Estimating the excitation energy of the primary projectile like fragments in a dissipative binary collision, Hardev Singh584pdf
B130. Competing reaction mechanisms in the decay of $^{20}Ne^{*}$ for Z=5,6,7 fragments at different excitation energies, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh586pdf
B131. Comparative study of light particles emission cross sections in the decay of compound nuclei $^{26,27,28,29}$Al$^*$ at $E_{CN}^*\sim$44 MeV, Mandeep Kaur,BirBikram Singh,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta588pdf
B132. Significance of neck length parameter in $^{32}$S induced fusion reactions, Mandeep Kaur,BirBikram Singh,Manoj K. Sharma590pdf
B133. Nuclear structure effects in the decay of $\alpha$ and non-$\alpha$ compound systems, Manpreet Kaur,BirBikram Singh592pdf
B134. Effect of loosely bound $^{7}$Li projectile on the fusion cross section due to increasing target mass, Mandeep Kaur,BirBikram Singh,Manoj K. Sharma,Raj K. Gupta594pdf
B135. Does vibrational excitation influence surface diffuseness? study through quasi-elastic scattering, Gurpreet Kaur,B.R. Behera,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan,K. Hagino596pdf
B136. Effect of N/Z ratio in the decay of compound nuclei with A=60, BirBikram Singh,Mandeep Kaur598pdf
B137. Effect of initialization on the entropy production, Sukhjit Kaur,Shama Monga600pdf
B138. Study of breakup phenomena in $^7$Li + $^{208}$Pb reaction, P. K. Rath,E. Vardaci602pdf
B139. Study of entropy production employing different stability criteria in secondary algorithm for fragment structures, Shivani,Rohit Kumar604pdf
B140. Study of breakup coupling in $^{6}$Li + $^{116}$Sn reaction, D. Patel,S. Mukherjee,B. K. Nayak,N. N. Deshmukh606pdf
B141. $\alpha$- particle multiplicity in 16O+194Pt fusion-fission reaction, Kushal Kapoor,Ashok Kumar,Navneet Kaur,B.R. Behera,K.P. Singh,Gurpreet Kaur,Priya Sharma,Ruchi Mahajan,Hardev Singh,Akhil Jhingan,P. Sugathan,G. Mohanto,R. Dubey,N. Saneesh,Ish Mukul,Varinderjit Singh,B.K. Nayak,A. Saxena,H.P. Sharma608pdf
B142. Scaling of heavy ion fusion excitation functions with regard to Wongs expression, R. U. Amarnadh,K. M. Varier,G. Gopkumar610pdf
B143. Effect of entrance channel in $^{16}$O + $^{51}$V interactions , Munish Kumar,Avinash Agarwal,S. Prajapati,Sunil Dutt,Kamal Kumar,R. Kumar,I. A. Rizvi,A. K. Chaubey612pdf
B144. Nuclear temperature anomaly in $^{35}$Cl+$^{24}$Mg reaction at E$_{c.m.}$=105 MeV , A. De,A. Ray614pdf
B145. Mass-asymmetry effects in heavy ion incomplete fusion reactions, Avinash Agarwal,Munish Kumar,S. Prajapati,Sunil Dutt,R. Kumar,Kamal Kumar,I. A. Rizvi,A. K. Chaubey616pdf
B146. Charge radius of doubly magic $^{56}$Ni and reaction cross section for $p$-Ni, N Maladkar,M Hemalatha,S Kailas618pdf
B147. Complete and incomplete fusion cross sections for $^{6}$Li+$^{209}$Bi reaction in multi-body classical molecular dynamical model, M. R. Morker,S. S. Godre620pdf
B148. Alternative approach to study fusion barrier distribution, Indu Bala,Abhishek Yadav622pdf
B149. The charged particle decay of hot and rotating compound nucleus~$^{118,122}Ba^*$ using dynamical cluster decay model, Dalip Singh Verma624pdf
B150. Multi-nucleon transfer study in $^{10}$B+$^{209}$Bi reaction, V. V. Parkar,Shilpi Gupta,A. Shrivastava,S. K. Pandit,K. Mahata626pdf
B151. Bound state wave function for deuteron stripping reaction on 16O by Gaussian quadrature method, Anjana Acharya,Rajib Lochan Nayak,Trupti Sahoo628pdf
B152. Alpha decay chains of superheavy nuclei , K. P. Santhosh630pdf

c. Radioactive ion beams: production and utilization      Top

C1. Exotic nuclei production by photofission at many energies, F.A. Khan,Debasis Bhowmick,Debasis Atta,D.N. Basu,M. Farooq,Alok Chakrabarti634pdf
C2. Nondestructive testing of concrete by gamma backscattering method, K Ravindraswami,K U Kiran,K M Eshwarappa,H M Somashekarappa636pdf
C3. Analysis of LMD data of core coming from Ta$(^{15}C, ^{14}C+n)$Ta Coulomb breakup reaction, Pardeep Singh,Rajiv Kumar,Rajesh Kharab638pdf
C4. Study of Ground-state configuration of neutron-rich 35Al , Santosh Chakraborty,Ushasi Datta,Tomas Aumann640pdf
C5. New boundary of island of inversion for Na isotope, Anisur Rahaman,Ushasi Datta,Tomas Aumann642pdf

d. Hadron physics      Top

D1. $D_0$ and $B_0$ mesons in hot and dense strange hadronic medium, Rahul Chhabra,Arvind Kumar646pdf
D2. Estimation of mass of $Z^{\prime}$ boson from $B_{s} \rightarrow \tau^{+}\tau^{-}$ decay, Debika Banerjee,Sukadev Sahoo648pdf
D3. Properties of $b\bar b$ and $B_c$ mesons in a nonrelativistic model, A. Bhaghyesh,K. B. Vijaya Kumar650pdf
D4. Color Screening and the lowest bound state radii of Quakonia in QGP Medium, Palak Bhatt,Arpit Parmar,P.C. Vinodkumar652pdf
D5. Decay modes and coupling constants for D$^{*}_{s1} (2700)$ and D$_{sJ} (2860)$, Pallavi Gupta,Alka Upadhyay654pdf
D6. Orbitally excited mass spectra of Charmonium, Zalak Shah,Raghav Chaturvedi,Ajay Kumar Rai656pdf
D7. Spin densities in impact parameter space, Narinder Kumar,Harleen Dahiya658pdf
D8. Coherence between Magnetic charge and 70 MeV mass quanta of Hadrons, G. Bhakuni,N. Hothi,S. Bisht660pdf
D9. Mass spectra of pseudoscalar and vector cc-bar and bb-bar systems, Hluf Negash,Shashank Bhatnagar662pdf
D10. Analytical solutions of the Schroedinger equation with the Woods-Saxon potential for $l=0$ states, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat664pdf
D11. Numerical solution of Schroedinger equation using matrix Numerov method with Woods - Saxon potential, Manjunath Bhat,Antony Prakash Monteiro666pdf
D12. Mass spectra of $B_c$ meson using Woods-Saxon potential, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat668pdf
D13. Variation of Ground state B$_c$ and $B^*_c$ meson masses for various n values, Antony Prakash Monteiro,Manjunath Bhat,Vijaya Kumar K. B670pdf
D14. Form factors for semileptonic $B^+ \to K^+ \ell \bar{\ell}$ decay in light-cone quark model, Nisha Dhiman,Harleen Dahiya672pdf
D15. Rare decay of $B^{0}_{s}$ and $B^{0}$ mesons into dimuon $(\mu^{+}\mu^{-})$ using relativistic formalism, Manan Shah,P. C. Vinodkumar674pdf
D16. Pseudoscalar decay constant of $B$ and $B_s$ mesons using Dirac formalism, P. C. Vinodkumar,Manan Shah,Bhavin Patel676pdf
D17. Possibility of $P_c(4380)$ and $P_c(4450)$ penta-quark states as candidates for charmed meson-baryon molecular states, Vinodkumar P. C.,Patel Smruti678pdf
D18. Molecular-like states in the bottomonium sector, D. P. Rathaud,Ajay Kumar Rai680pdf
D19. Isospin in $NN\rightarrow NN\pi$, G Ramachandran, Venkataraya682pdf
D20. Effect of second class currents in the few GeV energy region, F. Akbar,F. Zaidi,S. Chauhan,M.R. Alam,M.Sajjad Athar,S.K. Singh684pdf
D21. Nuclear medium effects in the evaluation of Callan Gross relation, F. Zaidi,H. Haider,M.Sajjad Athar,S.K. Singh686pdf
D22. Excited mass spectra of $\Sigma_c^{+}$ Baryon, Zalak Shah,Kaushal Thakkar,Ajay Kumar Rai,P.C. Vinodkumar688pdf
D23. Baryon Magnetic Moments in Nuclear Matter at Finite Temperature and Density, Harpreet Singh,Arvind Kumar,Harleen Dahiya690pdf
D24. Electromagnetic transition form factor of the $\eta$ meson with WASA-at-COSY, Ankita Goswami,Ankhi Roy692pdf
D25. Semi-leptonic and pionic decays of Doubly Strange baryons, Nakul Soni,Jignesh Pandya694pdf
D26. Spectral Function of $\Delta$ and $\pi$-N Cross Section in hot and dense medium, Snigdha Ghosh,Sukanya Mitra,Sourav Sarkar696pdf
D27. Study of $\rho^0$ and $\omega$ mesons interference through $\pi^0\gamma$ channel in $\gamma-^4He$ reaction , Swapan Das698pdf
D28. Magnetic moments of cascade baryons with strange sea in statistical model, Amanpreet Kaur,Alka Upadhyay700pdf
D29. Radially excited state masses and decay constants of c\bar{c} , Virendrasinh H. Kher,Nayneshkumar B. Devlani,Ajay Kumar Rai702pdf

e. Relativistic nuclear collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma      Top

E1. Charmonia production at LHC energies in NRQCD formalism, Prashant Shukla,Vineet Kumar706pdf
E2. Local thermal equilibrium of dense baryonic matter at CBM experiment, Somnath De,Sudipan De,Subhasis Chattopadhyay708pdf
E3. Exclusive photoproduction of $\Upsilon$ in pPb collisions at CMS, Ruchi Chudasama,Dipanwita Dutta710pdf
E4. Probing small x gluon shadowing from  $\Upsilon$ photoproduction in PbPb ultraperipehral collisions at LHC energies, Dipanwita Dutta,Ruchi Chudasama712pdf
E5. Charmonium Suppression at RHIC and LHC Energies in a Unified Model, Captain R. Singh,P.K. Srivastava,S. Ganesh,M. Mishra714pdf
E6. Elliptic and triangular flow of thermal photons at RHIC and LHC from event-by-event hydrodynamic model , Rupa Chatterjee,Pingal Dasgupta,Dinesh K. Srivastava716pdf
E7. Temperature fluctuation in quark gluon plasma, Golam Sarwar,Jan-e Alam718pdf
E8. Study of angular correlations between D mesons and charged particles in pp and p-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC, Somnath Kar720pdf
E9. The Transport Co-efficients of Two Component Hot Hadronic Matter, Utsab Gangopadhyaya,Snigdha Ghosh,Sukanya Mitra,Sourav Sarkar722pdf
E10. Measurement of D-meson production in p-Pb collisions with the ALICE detector, Chitrasen Jena724pdf
E11. Selection of body-tip configuration in U+U collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 193 GeV using spectator neutrons, Vipul Bairathi726pdf
E12. Transverse Momentum Distributions of identified particles produced in p-Pb collisions at root(sNN) = 5.02 TeV, Inam-ul Bashir,Saeed Uddin728pdf
E13. Heavy quark energy loss in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV , Kapil Saraswat,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh730pdf
E14. Study of the elliptic flow and their energy dependence over pseudorapidity range at FAIR energies., S. Bashir,M. Farooq,S. Ahmad,F. Ahmad732pdf
E15. Multifractal analysis of relativistic charged particle distribution in 32S-AgBr interactions at 200 AGeV., Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Omveer Singh,Shafiq Ahmad734pdf
E16. Characteristics of compound multiplicity in 28Si-Em interactions at 14.6A GeV., Omveer Singh,Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Shafiq Ahmad736pdf
E17. Systematic Study of Identified Particle Spectra with Radial Flow at RHIC and LHC in Tsallis Non-extensive Statistics, Dhananjaya Thakur,Prakhar Garg,Sushanta Tripathy,Arvind Khuntia,Aditya Nath Mishra,Raghunath Sahoo738pdf
E18. Net-Proton Evolution in Heavy Ion Collisions, S. Ahmad,M. Farooq,S. Chattopadhyay740pdf
E19. Radial Flow in Non-Extensive Thermodynamics and Study of Particle Spectra at LHC in the Limit of Small (q-1), Trambak Bhattacharyya,Jean Cleymans,Arvind Khuntia,Pooja Pareek,Raghunath Sahoo742pdf
E20. Speed of Sound in Hadronic matter using Non-extensive Statistics, Arvind Khuntia,Pragati Sahoo,Prakhar Garg,Raghunath Sahoo,Jean Cleymans744pdf
E21. Interesting correlations among various parameters of charged secondaries in nucleus-nucleus interactions at 4.5 A GeV, M Saleem Khan,Praveen Prakash Shukla,H. Khushnood746pdf
E22. Study of 84^Kr_36 Projectile Fragments with Compound Multiplicity at ~1 A GeV, N Marimuthu,Venktesh Singh,S.S.R Inbanathan748pdf
E23. Exploring energy balance in multihadron production: from hadronic to nuclear collisions, Aditya Nath Mishra,Raghunath Sahoo,Edward K. G Sarkisyan,Alexander S. Sakharov750pdf
E24. Azimuthal anisotropy of transverse rapidity at CBM energy in the AMPT model, Soumya Sarkar,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay752pdf
E25. Conceptual physics study of UrQMD model, Abhilasha Saini ,Sudhir Bhardwaj754pdf
E26. Study of Clusters Produced in 4.5 A GeV 12C-Nucleus Interactions, H. Khusnood756pdf
E27. Fluctuations of Voids in Relativistic Ion-Ion Collisions at SPS Energies, Shakeel Ahmad758pdf
E28. On Entropy in Multiparticle Production and Multiplicity Scaling, Shakeel Ahmad760pdf
E29. Angular Characteristics of Relativistic Charged Particle Produced in 4.5 A GeV 12C-Nucleus Interactions, H. Khushnood 762pdf
E30. Identified Particle Production in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=14.5$ GeV in STAR, Debadeepti Mishra764pdf
E31. Dynamical charge fluctuation at FAIR energy, Somnath Ghosh,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay766pdf
E32. Method for the Characterization of Central Collisions in Nuclear Emulsion Experiment, Ahmad M. Ayaz,Rasool Mir Hashim,Bhat Muzamil A.,Singh Om Veer,Ahmad Shafiq ,Bakry M. Y. 768pdf
E33. Heavy quark potential as a function of shear viscosity-to-entropy ratio: A measure of the fluidity of the medium, Lata Thakur,Binoy Krishna Patra770pdf
E34. Multifractal Detrended fluctuation analysis of Ring like events at CERN SPS Energy, Prabir Kumar Haldar,Sanjib Kumar Manna772pdf
E35. Field Decomposition Formulation for QCD and Thermodynamics of Quark Gluon Plasma, Garima Punetha,H. C. Chandola774pdf
E36. Cold Nuclear Matter effects on heavy quark production in PbPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeV and 5.0 TeV., Mohammad Saifullah,Prashant Shukla776pdf
E37. Thermal photon production from 39 A TeV Pb+Pb collisions at the Future Circular Collider, Pingal Dasgupta,Rupa Chatterjee,Dinesh K. Srivastava778pdf
E38. Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlations in pp collisions at LHC energies , Shakeel Ahmad,Shaista Khan780pdf
E39. Study of Event-by-Event correlations of charge, baryon number and strangeness in heavy-ion collisions, Arghya Chatterjee,Nihar R. Sahoo,Sandeep Chatterjee,Tapan K. Nayak782pdf
E40. A Study of Multiplicity Scaling of Particles Produced in 16O-Nucleus Collisions , N. Ahmad784pdf
E41. Multiplicity Distribution of Particles Produced in 3.7A GeV/c 16O-AgBr Collisions , N. Ahmad,S. S. Ali,S. A. Dar786pdf
E42. A Thermal Approach to RHIC and LHC, P. K. Khandai,P. Shukla788pdf
E43. J/$\Psi$-hadron correlation at LHC energy to study the production mechanism of J/$\Psi$, Noor Alam,Subhasis Chattopadhyay790pdf
E44. Investigation of entropy generation in relativistic heavy ion collisions, Muzamil A. Teli,Waseem Bari,Shamsul H. Thoker,Qudsia Gani792pdf
E45. Correlations and event by event pseudorapidity fluctuations in p-p and Pb-Pb collisions at LHC energy., M. Mohsin Khan,Shakeel Ahmad,Kushal Das,M Irfan794pdf
E46. A Search for Dynamical Fluctutations in $^{208}$Pb-$^{208}$Pb Collisions at 158 A GeV/c, Ashwini Kumar,Shakeel Ahmad,B. K. Singh796pdf
E47. Thermal di-muon from QGP source at FAIR energy, R. P. Adak,S Chattopadhyay,S Das,S. K. Ghosh,R. Ray,S. Samanta798pdf
E48. Bulk viscosity from the Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model, Sudipa Upadhaya,Kinkar Saha800pdf
E49. Looking for possible volume scaling violations in finite volume Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model, Kinkar Saha,Sudipa Upadhaya,Abhijit Bhattacharyya,S K Ghosh,Rajarshi Ray802pdf
E50. Cold Nuclear Matter Effects on the Correlation between Eccentricity and Multiplicity, Sushant Kumar Singh,Sandeep Chatterjee, Md Hasanujjaman,Snigdha Ghosh,Jan-e Alam,Sourav Sarkar804pdf
E51. Performance Study of MUCH Beam Pipe and Shielding for CBM Experiment, Ekata Nandy,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Shabir Ahmad806pdf
E52. Initial Condition Dependence of Hydrodynamic Flow of Quark Gluon Plasma, Md Hasanujjaman,Sushant Kumar Singh,Snigdha Ghosh,Sandeep Chatterjee,Golam Sarwar,Jan-e Alam,Sourav Sarkar808pdf
E53. Production of hadronic resonances in p-Pb collisions in ALICE at LHC, Ajay Kumar Dash810pdf
E54. Investigating the role of partonic and hadronic interactions towards collective dynamics in small systems, Debojit Sarkar,Subikash Choudhury ,Subhasis Chattopadhyay812pdf
E55. Charged Hadrons Elliptic Flow at RHIC Energy 200 GeV, Ajit Kumar Somani,Sudhir Bhardwaj,Ashish Agnihotri814pdf
E56. Intermittent production of particles in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt {s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV, Tahir Hussain,Mohammad Tariq,M.M. Khan,Nazeer Ahmad,A.R. Khan816pdf
E57. Beam energy and centrality dependence of multiplicity fluctuations in heavy ion collisions, Maitreyee Mukherjee,Sumit Basu,Subikash Choudhury,Tapan Nayak818pdf
E58. Angular characteristics of pion-nucleus interactions, Tufail Ahmad820pdf
E59. Study of Levy stable law in compound multiplicity distribution under self-affine scaling scenario, Sitaram Pal,Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb822pdf
E60. Simulation Study of Beam Energy Dependence of Elliptic Flow Using AMPT for Au+Au Collisions, Ajit Kumar Somani,Sudhir Bhardwaj,Ashish Agnihotri824pdf
E61. Identified hadrons transverse momentum distribution within multiple freeze-out scenario at LHC, Ranbir Singh,Bedangadas Mohanty,Sandeep Chatterjee826pdf
E62. Temperature Fluctuations in Little Bang : Hydro dynamical Approach, Sumit Basu,Rupa Chatterjee,Tapan K Nayak828pdf
E63. Bulk viscosity of hot and dense hadrons, Golam Sarwar,Sandeep Chatterjee,Jan-e Alam830pdf
E64. Free energy droplet formation in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collision, Y. Kumar,R.A. Bhat832pdf
E65. QGP-Hadron phase structure in a statistical model using Cornell, Richardson and Peshier potentials, R. Ramanathan,Agam K. Jha,K.K. Gupta,S.S. Singh834pdf

f. Electroweak interaction in nuclei and nuclear astrophysics      Top

F1. Mass-radius relation of magnetized White Dwarfs, Somnath Mukhopadhyay,Debasis Atta,D. N. Basu838pdf
F2. Gamma background rejection with superheated liquid detector for dark matter search, Susnata Seth,Mala Das840pdf
F3. Geometric phase for neutrino propagation in a transverse magnetic field, Sandeep Joshi,Sudhir R. Jain842pdf
F4. Nucleosynthesis in decompressed Neutron stars crust matter , Smruti Smita Lenka,B. Hareesh Gautham,Sarmistha Banik844pdf
F5. Energy Calibration and Measurement using Signal Amplitude for various Germanium detectors, Venktesh Singh,Arun Kumar Soma,Vivek Sharma,Lakhwinder Singh,Manoj Kumar Singh,Henry Tsz-King Wong,V. S. Subrahmanyam846pdf
F6. Coherent pion production in $\nu$-Nucleus interaction, Kapil Saraswat,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla,Venktesh Singh848pdf
F7. Analytical estimation of the gravitational constant with atomic and nuclear physical constants, U.V.S Seshavatharam,S Lakshminarayana850pdf
F8. Understanding nuclear structure with Schwarzschild interaction and Avogadro number, U.V.S Seshavatharam ,S Lakshminarayana852pdf
F9. Crustal fraction of moment of inertia in pulsars, Debasis Atta,Somnath Mukhopadhyay,D. N. Basu854pdf
F10. Effects of isovector cross-couplings on the properties of neutron stars, N. Alam,A. Sulaksono,B. K. Agrawal856pdf
F11. Nebulae of young pulsars: Emitters of TeV neutrinos and gamma-rays, Manabindu Das,Rajat K Dey858pdf
F12. Slope of the radial distribution of secondary muons and hadrons in EAS at PeV energy, Rajat K Dey,Sandip Dam,Sabyasachi Ray860pdf
F13. Emission of PeV neutrinos from magnetars, Sandip Dam, Rajat K Dey862pdf
F14. Influence of nuclear matter fourth-order symmetry energy on neutron star crust-core phase transition, T.R. Routray,S.P. Pattnaik,X. Vinas,M. Centelles,K. Madhuri,B. Behera864pdf
F15. Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime in the ``Accordion-like" Storage Trap, A. M. Desai,A. Strelkov,S. S. Malik,A. Steyerl866pdf
F16. Symmetry energy parameters in pion-dressed asymmetric nuclear matter, S. Sarangi,P.K. Panda,S.K. Sahu,L. Maharana868pdf
F17. Structure Properties of Hadron Stars Under Strong Magnetic fields, Suman Thakur,Shashi K. Dhiman870pdf
F18. Target vector analyzing power in $d(\vec \gamma, n)p$ at astrophysical energies, S P Shilpashree,M Kusuma,G Ramachandran872pdf
F19. Compact stars in a modified quark meson coupling model, R. N. Mishra,H. S. Sahoo,P. K. Panda,N. Barik874pdf
F20. Effect of Temperature on Saturation Density in Asymmetric Nuclear Matter, C. Das,S. Mishra,H. Nanda876pdf
F21. Effect of non-linear vector interactions in nuclear matter, Tuhin Malik,Kinjal Banerjee,T. K. Jha878pdf
F22. Equations of State of Quark Star in Color-Flavour-Locking Phase, Suman Thakur,Shashi K. Dhiman880pdf
F23. Deformation properties of rotating neutron stars, Shriya Soma,Sarmistha Banik882pdf
F24. The effect of hyperon-meson coupling in infinite nuclear matter, M Bhuyan,S. K. Singh,S. K. Patra,Shan-Gui Zhou884pdf
F25. Constraints on EOS from recently observed massive neutron stars, Gulshan Mahajan,Shashi k. Dhiman886pdf
F26. Quasi-elastic Neutrino-nucleus Interactions, Qudsia Gani,Waseem Bari,Muzamil Teli,Shamsul Thoker888pdf
F27. Energy and angular distribution of cosmic muons, Pragati Mitra,Prashant Shukla 890pdf
F28. Lifetime of the 6792 keV state in 15O, Abhijit Bisoi,Indrani Ray,L.C. Tribedi,D. Misra,S. Biswas,K. V. Thulasi Ram,M. V. Rundhe,Anoop KV,V Nanal,Sunil Ojha,P. Banerjee,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar892pdf
F29. Microscopic study of Muon-Capture Rates for Sn isotopes, A Shukla,Awanish Bajpeyi894pdf
F30. R-matrix analysis of the $^{12}$C$(\alpha,\gamma)$ reaction with inputs from $^{12}$C$(^{7}$Li,t$)^{16}$O$^{*}$ transfer reaction, S. Adhikari,C. Basu896pdf
F31. Ab initio multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculation of 7Be to determine the electron density at the nucleus for different electronic configurations and its relation with theelectron capture decay rate measurements, Parnika Das898pdf
F32. Finite Range Effective Interactions and Temperature dependence of Nuclear Symmetry Energy, Sunil K. Tripathy,Dipanjali Behera,T.R. Routray,B Behera900pdf

g. Instrumentation for nuclear physics      Top

G1. Neutrino and Dark Matter Experiments with Sub-keV Germanium Detectors, M. K. Singh,V. Singh,H. T. Wong904pdf
G2. Pulse height response function of different neutron energies in the LAMBDA spectrometer, Balaram Dey,Deepak Pandit,Debasish Mondal,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,Srijit Bhattacharya,A De,S R Banerjee906pdf
G3. Characterization of Gd$_{3}$Ga$_{3}$Al$_{2}$O$_{12}$:Ce single crystal scintillators coupled to Silicon-photomultiplier , Seema Shinde,M Tyagi,S S Pitale,S C Gadkari908pdf
G4. Discharge probability measurement of the GEM detector for the CBM Muon Chamber, S. Biswas,A. Abuhoza,U. Frankenfeld,C. Garabatos,J. Hehner,V. Kleipa,T. Morhardt,C. J. Schmidt,H.R. Schmidt,J. Wiechula910pdf
G5. Optimisation of Selection Cuts for MUCH detector of CBM experiment, M. Farooq,S. Ahmad,S. Chattopadhyay912pdf
G6. Estimation of thermal neutron flux from $^{nat}$Zr activity, Ghnashyam Gupta ,Abhijit Garai,Neha Dokania,S. Mathimalar,V. Nanal,R.G. Pillay,A. Shrivastava,K.C. Jagadeesan,S.V. Thakare914pdf
G7. DAQ system for testing RPC front-end electronics of the INO experiment, Kolla Hari Prasad,Suukhwani Menka,A Kesarkar Tushar,Kumar Sandeep ,V.B. Chandratre,R. R. Shinde,B Satyanarayana,D Das916pdf
G8. Operational experience with heavy ion linac booster at IUAC , B.K. Sahu,S. Ghosh,A. Rai,P. Patra,J. Karmakar,A. Pandey,B. Karmakar,G.K. Chowdhury,D.S. Mathuria,R.N. Dutt,M. Jain,A. Sharma,S.S.K. Sonti,M. Mistry,A. Sarkar,R. Joshi,R. Ahuja,R. Kumar,S.K. Suman,J. Chacko,A. Choudhury,S. Kar,S. Babu,M. Kumar,S. Sahu,J. Antony,J. Sacharias,P.N. Prakash,T.S. Datta,D. Kanjilal918pdf
G9. Energy Response of Liquid Scintillator using Compton tagged Electrons, A Gandhi,P. C. Rout,E. T. Mirgule,R. Kujur920pdf
G10. Prototype VME & CAMAC form factor Timestamping module development for Nuclear Physics Experiment , Ram Kumar Paul,Partha Dhara,Pintu Maity,Pranab Singha Roy ,Amitava Roy922pdf
G11. Time distribution measurements of prompt-delay events at the Dhruva reactor for detection of antineutrinos, V. K. S. Kashyap,S. P. Behera,A. Bhattacharya,V. Jha,D. K. Mishra,A. Mitra,P. K. Netrakanti,L. M. Pant,A. Saxena924pdf
G12. Progress in VECC Penning Ion Trap Development, A.K. Sikdar,A. Reza,R. Menon,Y.P. Nabhiraj,K. Banerjee,B. Dam,P. Das,A. Ray926pdf
G13. ANUSPARSH-II frontend ASIC for avalanche mode of RPC detector using regulated cascode trans-impedance amplifier, V. B. Chandratre,Menka Sukhwani,Hari Prasad Kolla,Sourav Mukhopadhyay,Megha Thomas,Ravindra Shinde,Satyanarayana Bhesette928pdf
G14. Development of research facilities using high current low energy 3.0 MV particle accelerator at NCAR, Bilaspur , T. Trivedi,Shiv.P Patel,C. Mallik,Rakesh Kumar,P.K. Bajpai930pdf
G15. Detection of Highly Enriched Uranium using Tagged Neutron (14MeV) based Active Interrogation , Saroj Bishnoi,R G Thomas,P S Sarkar,A Saxena,Amar Sinha932pdf
G16. Studies of characteristics of triple GEM detector for the ALICE-TPC upgrade, Rajendra Nath Patra,R.N. Singaraju,Z. Ahammed,S. Biswas,T.K. Nayak934pdf
G17. Charged particle detectors in NAND : current status, Akhil Jhingan,Gurpreet Kaur,N Saneesh,Mahajan Ruchi,Thakur Meenu,Tathagata Banerjee,Rakesh Dubey,Priya Sharma,Abhishek Yadav,R Ahuja,B. R. Behera,P Sugathan936pdf
G18. Development of beam line for n production using D$($d, n$)^{3}$He, P. K. Rath,E. Vardaci,L. Campajola,G. Larana,Md Ashaduzzaman938pdf
G19. Simulation of a CZT - detector for application in SPECT imaging using GATE - a Geant4 plug-in, Subam Rai,K. V. Sai Sundar,K. Vijay Sai,Sahoo Debendranath940pdf
G20. A System on Chip Solution for Processing of Gamma Camera Images for Thyroid Uptake Studies, Harsha Theja K,Murali Ravi,Aditya Sarma,Sachin Sable,Sivaramakrishnan S,Siva Sankara Sai S 942pdf
G21. Fabrication of Cr target for nuclear structure studies, S. Rai,B. Mukherjee,Abhilash S.R.,D. Kabiraj,R.P. Singh,S. Muralithar944pdf
G22. Development of large area $($1m $\times$ 2m$)$ bakelite gas-gaps in India for INO and related experiments , V. K. S. Kashyap,Anurag Joshi,L. M. Pant946pdf
G23. Measurement of characteristic impedance of Silicon fiber sheet (Ceramic foam) based read out strips panel, Manoj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Kumar ,N. Marimuthu,V.S. Subrahmanyam,Venktesh Singh948pdf
G24. Study of Silicon fiber sheet and read out strips panel based on it for the underground laboratories, Manoj Kumar Singh,Abhishek Kumar,N. Marimuthu,V.S. Subrahmanyam,Venktesh Singh950pdf
G25. A numerical study on gaseous detectors for high energy physics, S.S. Sahoo,P. Bhattacharya,S. Biswas,B. Mohanty952pdf
G26. Full energy peak efficiency of composite detectors for high energy gamma-rays, Kshetri Ritesh954pdf
G27. Polymer Based Detectors: A Preliminary Study, A. Ray956pdf
G28. Development of a 4-channel TTL scaler for detector signal counting, S. Sahu,P. Bhattacharya,S. Biswas,B. Mohanty,P. K. Sahu958pdf
G29. Geant4 simulation of a large volume segmented clover detector, Md. A. Asgar,T. Roy,G. Mukherjee ,C. Bhattacharya960pdf
G30. Development of triple GEM detector for a heavy ion physics experiment, A. Bhardwaj,K. Biswal,R. Gupta,A. Nag,A. Nanda,R. N. Patra,S. Rudra,S. S. Sahoo,P. Bhattacharya,S. Biswas,B. Mohanty,T. K. Nayak,P. K. Sahu,S. Sahu962pdf
G31. Fabrication and Characterisation of Large Size Bakelite Resistive Plate Chamber, Rajesh Ganai,Arindam Roy,Kshitij Aggarwal,Zubayer Ahammed,Subhasis Chattopadhyay964pdf
G32. Study of Electrical Properties of Glue Used in Fabrication of Large Bakelite Resistive Plate Chamber, Rajesh Ganai,Arindam Roy,Kshitij Aggarwal,Zubayer Ahammed,Subhasis Chattopadhyay966pdf
G33. Variation in the thermal neutron flux at the anti-neutrino measurement site in the Dhruva reactor, A K Singh,M Tyagi,A Mitra,S P Behera,V Jha,V K S Kashyap,D K Mishra,P K Netrakanti,L M Pant,R G Thomas,S C Gadkari968pdf
G34. Design and development of large size 8-layered sector shaped readout PCB for the GEM detector of CBM experiment, Jogender Saini,Anand Kumar Dubey,Nilima Mondal,Subhasis Chattopadhyay970pdf
G35. Designing a cryogenic recirculating superheated liquid detector for dark matter search, Ritoban Basu Thakur,Jisnu Basu,Sundeep Ghosh,Nilanjan Biswas,Mala Das972pdf
G36. The Characterization of Thick Gas Electron Multiplier (THGEM), T. Sinha,N. Sahu,P. Prashanth,Dipankar Das,D. Das,L. Das,S. Chattopadhyay974pdf
G37. Silicon PIN Diode for detection of electrons, alphas, X-rays and gamma rays, Sangeeta Das,Arghya Chakraborty,Anshuman Mondal,Kushal Shaw,Ankan Sur,Satadal Das,Ranjay Laha,Arijit Das,Jonaki Panja,Chandranath Marick,Ajay Mitra,Sujib Chatterjee,M. Saha Sarkar976pdf
G38. Performance of low cost photodiodes in nuclear spectroscopy, Sangeeta Das,Arghya Chakraborty,Anshuman Mondal,Arya Datta,Souryadeep Saha,Debaleen Biswas,Jonaki Panja,Chandranath Marick,Ajay Mitra,Sujib Chatterjee,M. Saha Sarkar978pdf
G39. Preparation of $^{128,130}$Te targets by evaporation method, Neeraj Bansal,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,A.K. Bhati980pdf
G40. Fabrication of thin sandwiched $^{175}$Lu, $^{169}$Tm targets, Tathagata Banerjee,S.R. Abhilash,S. Ojha,D. Kabiraj982pdf
G41. Fabrication of thin $^{124}$Sn target on Al-backing using vacuum evaporation technique at IUAC, New Delhi, Pankaj K. Giri,Sneha B. Linda,D. Singh,S.R. Abhilash,Harish Kumar,R. Kumar,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh,D. Kabiraj984pdf
G42. Investigation of reduction in background counts of clover detector, Ritesh Kshetri986pdf
G43. Performance of the clover detector considering the effects of pair production, Ritesh Kshetri988pdf
G44. Fabrication of thin and thick targets of $^{182, 184, 186}$W isotopes, M Shareef ,S.R. Abhilash,M. M Hosamani,S Ojha,D Kabiraj,E Prasad990pdf
G45. Comparative performances of LaBr$_3$(Ce) and BaF$_2$ scintillators, S.K. Dey,C.C. Dey,S. Saha992pdf
G46. Development of Hex-Zero Cross over Module for CsI(Tl) Detector , R Kujur,A Parui994pdf
G47. Simulation of Space Charge Effect on Time Resolution in Resistive Plate Chambers, M Mohammed Salim,Shaista Khan,Satyanarayana Bheesette,Rashid Hasan996pdf
G48. Fabrication of thin Al-Foils using Vacuum Evaporation Technique, Sneha B. Linda,Pankaj K. Giri,D. Singh,Harish Kumar,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj998pdf
G49. Testing and characterization of a fast scintillator detector., A. Banerjee,S. Mandal1000pdf
G50. Portable Digital Pulse processing for $\gamma$ ray spectroscopy, Madhusudan Dey,Santu Ghosh,Rintu Bhaskar,Aritra Ray,Sounava Chakraborty,Rajni Gupta1002pdf
G51. Need of Internal Amplification and Germanium Detector for Investigation of Rare Physics Processes, Venktesh Singh,Vivek Sharma,Manoj Kumar Singh,Lakhwinder Singh,Henry Tsz-King Wong,V. S. Subrahmanyam1004pdf
G52. Fabrication of $^{54}$Cr target on $^{197}$Au backing, Naveen Kumar,S. Kumar,D. Kabiraj,S.R. Abhilash1006pdf
G53. Automation of Surface Resistivity Measurement for 2m X 2m RPC Electrodes and Further improvements, Abhishek Kumar,N. Marimuthu,Manoj Kumar Singh,Venktesh Singh,V.S. Subrahmanyam1008pdf
G54. Fabrication of enriched 176Yb self-supporting targets for the study of fission dynamics in mass region A~ 200, Neeraj Kumar,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,Shashi Verma1010pdf
G55. Impact of light ion beam on thin targets in the heavy element formations, R Dubey,Meenu Thakur,Priya Sharma,S.R. Abhilash,D Kabiraj1012pdf
G56. Study of Gas Properties in GEM for Ar and CO2 gas mixtures, O S K Chaturvedi,P Garg,B K Singh1014pdf
G57. X-ray induced modification in CR-39 Plastic Detector, Ashok Kumar,R .K . Jain,R. N. Chakraborty,Triloki Pandit,Richa Rai,B. K. Singh1016pdf
G58. Testing of Large Real-Size GEM Detector for CBM Experiment, R. P. Adak,S. Chattopadhyay,S. Das,A. K. Dubey,S. Samanta,J. Saini1018pdf
G59. Installation of a Digitizer based Pulse Processing and Data Acquisition System and related developments, S. Samanta,S. Das,R. Bhattacharjee,S. S. Bhattacharjee,K. Basu,H. Sultana,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,H. Tan1020pdf
G60. Design of a water based cooling system to take out electronics heat load of MUCH detector in CBM experiment, Vikas Jain,J Saini,S Chattopadhyay,A.K. Dubey1022pdf
G61. Standardization of gamma sources using NaI(Tl) and LaBr$_{3}$(Ce) detectors: Measurements and Simulations, N. Goel,M. Dhibar,G. Anil Kumar1024pdf
G62. MUCH beam-pipe for CBM experiment, S. Ahmad,E. Nandy,S. Bashir,M. Farooq,S. Chattopadhyay1026pdf
G63. Development of a Fast Timing Counter Based on Plastic Scintillator with SiPM as Photon Detector, B. J. Roy,Sameer Kotwal,A. Parmar, Sonika,H. Kumawat1028pdf
G64. Effect of stoichiometry on the timing characteristics of Ce doped YAlO3 single crystal scintillator, S.G. Singh,B. Tiwari,D.G. Desai,M. Ghosh,S. Sen,S.C. Gadkari1030pdf
G65. Simulation of detector response for antineutrino induced events with a proto-type plastic detector array, S. P. Behera,V. Jha,V. K. S. Kashyap,D. K. Mishra,A. Mitra,P. K. Netrakanti,L. M. Pant1032pdf
G66. Close-geometry efficiency calibration of LaCl$_{3}$:Ce Scintillators: Measurements and Simulations, K. Thakur,S.K. Anand,S. Mittal, Abhishek,M. Dhibar,G Anil Kumar1034pdf
G67. Dissimilarity in the behavior of natural and isotopic Zirconium targets, Khushboo,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj ,S. Ojha,S. Mandal 1036pdf
G68. Process stabilization in development of Single Mask GEM foils in India, L. M. Pant,A. K. Mohanty,Pradeep Menon,Archana Sharma,Rui De Oliviera1038pdf
G69. Characteristics and Performance Studies of Glass Resistive Plate Chambers, Shamsul H. Thoker,B. Satyanarayana,Muzamil A. Teli,Waseem Bari1040pdf
G70. Digital pulse shape analysis for charged particle identification with a nTD silicon detector and 1 GHz sampling digitizer, K. Mahata,J. A. Gore,A. Shrivastava,S. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,K. Ramachandran,A. Kumar,S. Gupta,P. Patale1042pdf
G71. Study of Preshower in the PANDA Target Spectrometer, Kamal Dutta,Kushal Kalita,K. Suzuki,D. Steinschaden,B. J. Roy1044pdf
G72. New Results on Optical, Crystallographic and Morphological Properties of CsI Photocathode , Nabeel Fawaz Jammal,Triloki Pandit,B. K. Singh1046pdf
G73. Pitfalls in etch pit calculation , R. Bhattacharyya,S. Dey,Sanjay K. Ghosh,A. Maulik,Sibaji Raha,D. Syam1048pdf
G74. Energy loss and associated higher order moments for swift heavy ions in different absorbers: a systematic study, Bindu Rani,Kalpana Sharma1050pdf
G75. GBT link testing and performance measurement on Altera Stratix-V FPGA, Shuaib Ahmad Khan,Jubin Mitra,Tapan K. Nayak1052pdf
G76. Systematic study of setting parameters of n-XYTER self triggered electronics for CBM MUCH, Ajit Kumar,Anand Kumar Dubey,Jogendra Saini,Subhasis Chattopadyay1054pdf
G77. Timing measurements with LaCl3 (0.9Ce) detectors and their application in the measurement of speed of light, Sheetal Rawat,Anshul Kamboj,A.K. Gourishetty1056pdf
G78. Comparative Analysis of tapped delay line architectures used in time stamping, Pooja Saxena,V.B Chandratre,Menka Sukhwani,Hari Kolla1058pdf
G79. Characterization of a $\Delta$E$_{gas}$-E$_{Si-Pad}$ hybrid detector telescope for fission fragments , R.P. Vind,Nishant Kumar,R.V. Jangale,Omeshwari Bisen,Abhilasha Singh,Shradha Dubey,A.L. Inkar,L.A. Kinage,G.K. Prajapati,B.N. Joshi,B.V. John,D.C. Biswas1060pdf
G80. Energy and timing characteristics of Silicon-Pad detector for fission fragments , Nishant Kumar,R.P. Vind,R.V. Jangale,L.A. Kinage,A.L. Inkar,S. Mukhopadhyay,B.V. John,D.C. Biswas1062pdf
G81. FPGA based low noise front end electronics board for radiation detection and measurment, Vinod Singh Negi,Susanta Kumar Pal,Singaraju Rama Narayan1064pdf
G82. Design and development of low voltage, low current , transient suppressed and ripple free power supply for critical systems , Vinod Singh Negi,Susanta Kumar Pal,M.S Ansari1066pdf
G83. Measurement of Decay Time Constant of a Plastic Scintillator by a Delayed Coincidence Method, Sonali Das,J Saini,A.K Dubey1068pdf
G84. Study of KBr thin films for EUV and FUV sensitive photocathode devices, R. Rai,Triloki Triloki,B. K. Singh1070pdf
G85. Analysis of fold distributions of segmented clover detectors, Pintu Bhattacharya,Ritesh Kshetri1072pdf
G86. Intrinsic Efficiency of Neutron Detectors of NAND Array at IUAC, N. Saneesh,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan1074pdf
G87. Total Ionization Dose (TID) test of developed 2.5 GHz Radiation hardened Clock Multiplier Unite (CMU), H. K. Pandey,T. K. Bhattacharya1076pdf
G88. Building and testing of the first real size prototype chamber of CBM MUCH, A.K. Dubey,J. Saini,A. Kumar,S. Chattopadhyay,M.S. Ganti1078pdf
G89. Total Ionizing dose studies of CMOS Structures in 0.35um CMOS Technology, V.B. Chandratre,Shiv Kumar,S.K. Mohmmad,Sandeep Kumar1080pdf
G90. Characterisation of an array of large square bars of LaBr3:Ce detectors up to 22.5 MeV. , Indranil Mazumdar,S. Basu,P.B Chavan,M. Dhibar,D.A Gothe,S.M. Patel,S. Roy,G. Anil Kumar1082pdf
G91. Development of high gain photodiode array based on commercial CMOS process, Sourav Mukhopadhyaya,V. B. Chandatre,M Sukhwani1084pdf
G92. Hardware Design of Data Acquisition Mechanisms in Small Organ Imaging Gamma Camera, Murali Ravi,Sachin Sable ,Aditya Sarma ,Vijay Sai,Sicaramakrishnan S,Siva Sankara Sai S1086pdf
G93. Characterization of resistive anode position-sensitive silicon detector, M kumar,G Kaur,N Saneesh,A Jhingan1088pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Impact of breakup like processes on fusion and elastic scattering of weakly bound projectiles from medium mass target, Md. Moin Shaikh1092pdf
T2. Anular Momentum Generation Mechanisims in mass-100 region, Niyaz Rather1094pdf
T3. Application of Mean Field Theory to Nuclear Equation of State and Drip-line Nuclei, Shailesh Kumar Singh1096pdf
T4. MCDP: Development of a code for neutronic calculations for homogeneous reactors, D. K. Shukla,K. B. K. Mayya,Vikram Rathore1098pdf
T5. Self-Tuning Low Level RF Control System for the Linac Cavity, Suman Saurav,Ankit kumar Mishra1100pdf
T6. Study of the Hoyle state, Tapan Kumar Rana1102pdf
T7. Studies on the properties of Nuclear Reactions induced by Loosely Bound Nuclei, Chinmoy Kumar Phookan1104pdf
T8. Fabrication of 197- Au target using high vacuum evaporator facility at IUAC, New Delhi , Nishant Shukla,S.R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj1106pdf
T9. Dynamics of nuclear reactions in superheavy mass region, Kirandeep Sandhu1108pdf
T10. A study of competing decay channels of nuclear systems formed in low energy heavy-ion reactions, Gurvinder Kaur1110pdf
T11. Study of fragmentation and associated phenomena in neutron-rich heavy-ion collisions, Sukhjit Kaur1112pdf
T12. High spin states in $^{88,89}$Zr, S. Saha1114pdf
T13. Study of strong and weak decay processes of mesons involving heavy flavour quarks, Manan Shah1116pdf
T14. Identified Particle Production and Freeze-out Dynamics in STAR at RHIC Beam Energy Scan Program, Sabita Das1118pdf
T15. Study of collective flow, its disappearance and nuclear dynamics using isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics model, Rajni Bansal1120pdf
T16. Structure of odd-odd nuclei in A $\sim$ 110 region, Jasmine Sethi1122pdf
T17. Anisotropic Quark Gluon Plasma: Dissociation of Quarkonium States , Lata Thakur1124pdf
T18. Break up fusion studies in heavy ion interactions at low energies, Vijay R Sharma1126pdf
T19. Giant resonance built on excited states of nuclei, A. K Rhine Kumar1128pdf
T20. Study of deuteron induced transfer reactions on $^{27}$Al, Vishal Srivastava1130pdf