I. Invited Talks

a. Nuclear structure

b. Low and medium energy nuclear reactions

c. Physics with radioactive ion beams

d. Nuclear astrophysics and nuclear matter

e. Intermediate energy nuclear reactions and physics of hadrons

f. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP

g. Accelerators and instrumentation for Nuclear Physics

T. Thesis Presentations

Author Index

I. Invited Talks      Top

I1. Cluster Structures in Light Nuclei, Martin Freer3pdf
I2. Random Matrix Theory in Nuclear Structure: Past, present and Future, V. K. B. Kota4pdf
I3. Giant Dipole Resonance - New Experimental Perspectives, Sudhee R. Banerjee14pdf
I4. Phase Diagram and Baryon-Baryon Scattering in the Gross-Neveu Model, Gerald Dunne21pdf
I5. Heavy flavour production and propagation, Munshi Golam Mustafa29pdf
I6. Quarkonia production measurements at forward rapidities in ALICE Experiment, Debasish Das37pdf
I7. Review of critical point symmetries and shape phase transitions within algebraic and collective models, L. Fortunato,C. E. Alonso,J. M Arias,A. Vitturi45pdf
I8. Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search with EXO-200, Liang Yang53pdf
I9. Precise $sin^2 2 \theta_{13}$ measurement by the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiments, M. Gonchar54pdf
I10. Fission barriers and saddle shapes in nuclei of A~200, K. Mahata60pdf
I11. Nuclear Physics with Indian National Gamma Array [INGA] , A. K. Sinha66pdf
I12. Gamma ray spectroscopy at TRIUMF-ISAC: recent highlights and future plans, Gordon C. Ball73pdf
I13. Recent topics in Strangeness nuclear physics at J-PARC, T. Nagae74pdf
I14. Recent progress in nuclear astrophysics, B. R. Fulton76pdf
I15. Nuclear Fusion in Stars: Origin of the Elements, C. Iliadis77pdf
I16. Unexpected characteristics of the Isoscalar Monopole Resonances in the A ~ 90 region - Implications for Nuclear Incompressibility, Krishichayan,D. H. Youngblood,Y. -W. Lui,J. Button,M. R. Anders,M. L. Gorelik,M. H. Urin,S. Shlomo86pdf
I17. Nuclear structure studies in A$\sim$100 and A$\sim$130 mass regions, S. Sihotra94pdf
I18. Photodisintegration Studies at HI$\gamma$S: Addressing the Few and the Many, R. Raut,W. Tornow,A. P. Tonchev,G. Rusev,J. H. Kelley,A. C. Crowell,M. W. Ahmed,S. C. Stave,C. Iliadis,M. Lugaro,J. Buntain,R. Schewengner,A. Banu103pdf
I19. Particle Identification using Digital Pulse Shape Analysis for new generation NTD Silicon detector arrays, V. V. Parkar,J. A. Duenas,D. Mengoni,R. Berjillos,A. M. Sanchez-Benitez,I. Martel,M. Assie,D. Beaumel111pdf
I20. Non-perturbative aspects of quark gluon plasma above the deconfinement temperature, Purnendu Chakraborty118pdf
I21. Measurement of the Elastic and Inelastic Differential Neutron Cross Sections for $^{23}$Na between 1 and 4 MeV, Ajay Kumar,M. T. McEllistrem,B. P. Crider,E. E. Peters,F. M. Prados-Estevez,A. Chakraborty,J. R. Vanhoy,A. Sigillito,P. J. McDonough,L. J. Kersting,C. J. Luke,S. F. Hicks,S. W. Yates126pdf
I22. A GEM based Muon Tracker for CBM experiment at FAIR, Anand K. Dubey132pdf
I23. Charge particle detector development for the investigation of fusion & fusion-fission dynamics, Akhil Jhingan,P Sugathan138pdf
I24. Resistive Plate Chambers for the upgrade of the CMS experiment, L. M. Pant146pdf
I25. TAMU-TRAP facility - program for the study of fundamental weak interaction, P. D. Shidling,M Mehlman,Dan Melconian,R. S. Behling,B Fenker155pdf
I26. Equation of state for core collapse supernova simulation and neutron star core, Sarmistha Banik162pdf
I27. Nustar at Fair, GSI, J. Gerl168pdf
I28. Physics programme of the PANDA Experiment, V. Jha169pdf
I29. EXploration of high density matter at FAIR, Subhasis Chattopadhyay176pdf

Contributory Papers

a. Nuclear structure      Top

A1. Evidence for pairing reentrance in level density for A ~ 100 nuclei, V. M. Datar,A. Mitra,D. R. Chakrabarty184pdf
A2. Decay Spectroscopy of neutron rich odd-odd Pm isotope, D Banerjee,T Bhattacharjee,S K Das,R Guin,A Chowdhury,P Das,S Dasgupta,S Bhattacharyya,P Mukhopadhyay,H Pai,S K Basu186pdf
A3. The effect of GDR - GQR couplings on the GDR width at low temperature, Deepak Pandit,S Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,A De,S. R. Banerjee188pdf
A4. Giant Dipole Resonance width evolution in A~128 mass region, G. Mishra,D. R. Chakrabarty,V. M. Datar,Suresh Kumar,E. T. Mirgule,A. Mitra,P. C. Rout,S. P. Behera,V. Nanal190pdf
A5. Nuclear structure studies close to Z=N=50, S. Kumar,S. Sihotra,J. Kaur,V. Singh,K. Singh,J. Goswamy,N. Singh,R. Palit,C. R. Prahraj,S. Muralithar,R. P. Singh,R. Kumar,R. K. Bhowmik,D. Mehta192pdf
A6. Study of neutrinoless positron double beta decay including induced currents in the nuclear structure calculation within PHFB model, K. Chaturvedi,R. Chandra,P. K. Rath,P. K. Raina194pdf
A7. Quantum resonances built on classical nonlinear resonances, Nandan Jha,Sudhir R. Jain196pdf
A8. The nucleon-nucleon potential from relativistic mean field theory, B. B. Sahu,M. Bhuyan,S. K. Singh,S. K. Patra198pdf
A9. Nuclear matter and finite nuclei properties using simple effective interaction, M. Bhuyan,S. K. Singh,S. K. Tripathy,T. R. Routray,B. Behera,B. K. Sharma,X. Vinas,S. K. Patra200pdf
A10. Equation of state;Symmetric Nuclear Matter two and three body forces, Syed Rafi,W Haider,Y. K. Gambir202pdf
A11. Towards an Improved Parametrisation of Relativistic Mean Field Lagrangian, A. Bhagwat,M. Gupta,Y. K. Gambhir204pdf
A12. Spectroscopy of neutron rich nucleus $^{82}$Ge in the deformed shell model, R Sahu,V. K. B. Kota206pdf
A13. Search for Shears Mechanism in $^{142}$Sm, S. Rajbanshi,A. Bisoi,S. Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,M. Saha Sarkar,A. K. Singh,A. Goswami208pdf
A14. Low-lying Band Structure and the Onset of Octupole Collectivity in $^{150}$Nd, A. Chakraborty,F. M. Prados-Estevez,S. N. Choudry,B. P. Crider,P. E. Garrett,W. D. Kulp,A. Kumar,M. T. McEllistrem,S. Mukhopadhyay,M. G. Mynk,J. N. Orce,E. E. Peters,J. L. Wood,S. W. Yates210pdf
A15. Competing collectivity and multiplet structure in $^{154}$Ho , Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Abhijit Bisoi,Subhendu Rajbanshi,S. Bhattacharya,Sudatta Ray,S. S. Ghugre,A. K. Sinha,S. Saha,J. Sethi,B. S. Naidu,R. Donthi,V. Nanal,R. Palit,M. Saha Sarkar,S. Sarkar212pdf
A16. Nonadiabatic quasiparticle description of proton emission from the odd-odd nucleus $^{130}$Eu, Monika Patial,P. Arumugam,A. K. Jain,E. Maglione,L. S. Ferreira214pdf
A17. Study of level scheme of 87Zr, P. Banerjee,S. Ganguly,H. P. Sharma,M. Pradhan,S. Chakraborty,R. Palit,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,S. Saha,J. Sethi,S. Chatterjee216pdf
A18. Observation of highly deformed bands in $^{122}$Te, Somnath Nag,A. K. Singh,H. Hubel,A. Al- Khatib,P. Bringel,C. Engelhardt,A. Nuesser-Neffgen,I. Ragnarsson,G. B. Hagemann,C. R. Hansen,B. Herskind,G. Sletten,A. Bracco,G. Benzoni,F. Camera,P. Fallon,R. M. Clark,M. P. Carpenter,R. V. F. Janssens,T. L. Khoo,T. Lauritsen,P. Chowdhury,H. Amro218pdf
A19. High-spin structure of $^{188}$Pt nucleus, S. Mukhopadhyay,D. C. Biswas,L. S. Danu,Somnath Nag,B. N. Joshi,P. N. Prashanth,L. A. Kinage,G. Prajapati,Bency John,B. K. Nayak,T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,B. S. Naidu,P. K. Joshi,R. Palit220pdf
A20. Fission characteristics of the $^{224}$Th compound nucleus, A. Y. Deo,S. K. Tandel,S. B. Patel,M. Hemalatha,R. Palit,J. Sethi,S. Saha,D. C. Biswas,S. Mukhopadhyay222pdf
A21. High Spin States in $^{86}$Sr and their discription using shell model calculations, Suresh Kumar,V. Kumar,Ritika Garg,Naveen Kumar,S. Verma,S. Mandal,T. Trivedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,Gayatri,Arindam Nandi,B. S. Naidu,Rajneesh,R. Palit,D. Choudhary,A. K. Jain,Pai Haridas,G. Mukharjee,P. C. Srivastava224pdf
A22. Correlation of beta band with ground state band in medium mass nuclei. , J. B. Gupta,Vikas Katoch,S Sharma226pdf
A23. Yrast band structure of light 170-182Pt isotopes, Vikas Katoch,Rajesh Kumar,S Sharma,J. B. Gupta228pdf
A24. Shape evolution in $^{162}_{72}$Hf with spin, K. K. Girija,Antony Joseph230pdf
A25. Study of Nuclear Structure Properties of Some N=80 Isotones, Amit Kumar,Arun Sharma,Arun Bharti232pdf
A26. Study of Potential Energy Term in VMINS model, Pallavi Bhatt,Hardik P. Trivedi,Lalit K. Gupta,Anil Kumar,Than Singh Saini,Krishna Chandra,Jai Prakash Gupta234pdf
A27. Giant dipole resonances for Sm-isotopes, Anil Gangadeb236pdf
A28. Energy dependence of the e ffective moment of inertia in light nuclei A=20-39, R. Razavi,A. N. Behkami,S. Mohammadi,M. R. Farahmand238pdf
A29. Efficacy of Cranking Technique in the Study of Some Neutron - Deficient Neodymium Isotopes, Arun Sharma,Amit Kumar,Arun Bharti240pdf
A30. projected shell model study of even-even 90-100Ru isotopes, Arvind Bhat,Arun Bharti,Ramesh Bhat,Preeti Verma,S. K Khosa242pdf
A31. Determination of nuclear life time from time stamped decay data, S. Rajbanshi,A. Bisoi,S. Nag,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,T. Bhattacharjee,S. Bhattacharyya,S. Chattopadhyay,G. Gangopadhyay,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,M. Saha Sarkar,A. K. Singh,A. Goswami244pdf
A32. Spectroscopic Study of $^{171}$Hf Nucleus, B. B. Sahu,S. K. Ghorui,Z. Naik,S. K. Patra,C. R. Praharaj246pdf
A33. Systematics of triaxial moment of inertia and deformation parameters [beta, gamma] in even even nuclei of mass region $^{ 90-120}$, Yuvraj Singh,M. Singh,Chhail Bihari,A. K. Varshney,S. K. Dhiman,K. K. Gupta,D. K. Gupta248pdf
A34. Non-axial study of $^{222,224}$Ra isotopes, Daya Ram,Devi Rani,S. K Khosa250pdf
A35. Mixing ratios and rotational parameters in $^{177}$Lu and $^{177}$Hf, S. Deepa,K. Vijay Sai,K. Venkataramaniah252pdf
A36. Observation of the high spin 7/2$^+$[404] rotational band in the decay spectroscopy of $^{153}$Eu, S. Deepa,K. Vijay Sai,S. Sugeeth,K. Venkataramaniah254pdf
A37. On the conversion of the high multipole transition between the 23/2$^-$ 3qp state and the 17/2$^+$ rotational state in $^{177}$Lu, S. Deepa,K. Vijay Sai,T. Ashish,S. Kailas,K. Venkataramaniah256pdf
A38. Novel band structure of odd-A $^{107}$Cd, Deepika Choudhury,A. K. Jain,G. Anil Kumar,Suresh Kumar,Sukhjeet Singh,P. Singh,M. Sainath,T. Trivedi,J. Sethi,S. Saha,S. K. Jadav,B. S. Naidu,R. Palit,H. C. Jain,L. Chaturvedi,R. P. Singh258pdf
A39. Role of Newby Shift of K=0 in K=1 band of 180Ta, Alpana Goel,A. K. Jain,Monika Patial,Kawalpreet Kaur260pdf
A40. Microscopic description of the origin of collectivity development at N= 42 in Zinc isotopic chain. , Tariq War,Parvaiz Dar,Rani Devi,S Khosa262pdf
A41. Radii and Density Distribution of N = 28 Isotones, G. Saxena,D. Singh,M. Kaushik264pdf
A42. Multi-phonon gamma vibrational bands in odd-proton 107Tc nucleus, G. H. Bhat,W. A. Dar,J. A. Sheikh,P. A. Ganai266pdf
A43. Quasiparticle band structures in transitional nuclei, G. H. Bhat,J. A. Sheikh,P. A. Ganai,Yang Sun268pdf
A44. SK Model and decay properties of $_{119}^{299}$X, G Shanmugam,S Sudhakar,S Niranjani270pdf
A45. Empirical calculation for the ground state band level energy of 76Kr and 74 Se nuclei, Harjeet Kaur,Pardeep Singh,S. S. Malik272pdf
A46. Ground state bands in $^{113,111,109}$I in the framework of particle rotor model, Ranjana Goswami274pdf
A47. Polarization measurements of $^{127}$I, Hari Prakash Sharma,Polash Banerjee,Sourav Ganguly,Saikat Chakraborty,Ashok Kumar,Navneet Kaur,Suresh Kumar,S Muralithar,R P Singh,L Chaturvedi,Ajay Kumar,A K Jain,S Laxhminarayan276pdf
A48. A relativistic mean field study of even-even superheavy nuclei. , M. Ikram,A. A. Usmani278pdf
A49. Superdeformation in Z=120 superheavy nuclei, M. Imran,M. Ikram,A. A. Usmani280pdf
A50. Search for tetrahedral symmetry in $^{158}$Dy, Indu Bala,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,A. Dhal,D. Negi,D. Singh,M. K. Raju,S. Saha,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,R. Palit282pdf
A51. Giant dipole resonance in compund nucleus $^{144}$Sm, Ish Mukul,I. Mazumdar,P. Arumugam,J. Gehlot,D. A. Gothe,Maninder Kaur,A. K. Rhine Kumar,N. Madhavan,G. Mohanto,S. Nath,P. Sugathan,A. Roy284pdf
A52. g-factor of 9/2$^{-}$ and 23/2$^{+}$ isomeric states in $^{129}$Ba , Jasmeet Kaur,N. Bansal,V. R. Sharma,H. Sisodia,N. Kaur,V. Kumar,R. Kumar,A. K. Bhati,R. K. Bhowmik,H. J. Wollersheim286pdf
A53. Structure of 108Ag at Low and Medium Spin, J Sethi,R Palit,S Saha,T Trivedi,G Bhat,P Datta,J. J Carroll,S Chattopadhyay,R Donthi,S Jadhav,H. C Jain,S Karamian,S Kumar,M. S Litz,D Mehta,B. S Naidu,Z Naik,J Sheikh,S Sihotra,P. M Walker288pdf
A54. Nuclear structure of 160Er in IBM and DPPQ model, J. B. Gupta290pdf
A55. Nature of Kp=02+ band in 162Er, J. B. Gupta292pdf
A56. Low-lying Level Structure of $^{94}$Zr: Puzzling Past and Exciting Present, A. Chakraborty,C. Andreoiu,P. Bender,B. P. Crider,D. Cross,G. Demand,A. B. Garnsworthy,P. E. Garrett,G. Hackman,B. Hadinia,S. Ketelhut,A. Kumar,K. Leach,M. T. McEllistrem,E. E. Peters,J. Pore,F. M. Prados-Est\'{e}vez,E. Rand,B. Singh,E. Tardiff,Z. Wang,J. L. Wood,S. W. Yates294pdf
A57. A Shell Model Description of Odd Z N=50 Isotones Above the $^{78}$Ni, K. Maurya,I. Mehrotra296pdf
A58. Revisiting the $\beta$-decay of $^{139}$Ba, L. S. Danu,P. K. Joshi,D. C. Biswas,S. Mukhopadhyay,A. Goswami,P. N. Prashanth,L. A. Kinage,R. K. Choudhury,Balraj Singh298pdf
A59. Ternary potential energy surface of $^{56}$Ni$^*$, K. R. Vijayaraghavan,M. Balasubramaniam,W. Von Oertzen300pdf
A60. Deformed states in 35Cl: A Shell model Description, Abhijit Bisoi,S. Sarkar,M. Saha Sarkar302pdf
A61. Superdeformed GIB phenomenon in A=60 and A=80 mass regions, H. M. Mittal,Neha Sharma304pdf
A62. Super rigid nature of super-deformed bands, Neha Sharma,H. M. Mittal,A. K. Jain306pdf
A63. Relativistic mean field study of Island of Inversions in neutron rich Z=37-40 nuclei, S. Mahapatro,S. K. Singh308pdf
A64. High Spin Spectroscopy of $^{105}$Pd, Niyaz Rather,P. Datta,Santosh Roy,S. Chattopadhyay,A. Goswami,S. Nag,R. Palit,S. Saha,T. Trevadi310pdf
A65. Staircase bands in odd-odd Ag isotopes: $^{107}$Ag a case study, P Datta,Niyaz Rather,Santosh Roy,S Chattopadhyay,A Goswami,S Nag,R Palit,S Saha,T Trevadi312pdf
A66. Synthesis of Super Heavy Elements, PRADEEP KUMAR,K. P. SANTHOSH314pdf
A67. Nuclear structure study around $Z=28$ in $f_{5/2}pg_{9/2}$ space, P. C. Srivastava,I. Mehrotra316pdf
A68. $\it {pfg9a}$ - New effective interaction for $fpg_{9/2}$ space, P. C. Srivastava318pdf
A69. Theoretical analysis of structure of even-even 130-136Ba Nuclei , Preeti Verma,Chetan Sharma,Suram Singh,Arun Bharti320pdf
A70. Systematic dependence of B[E2] on NpNn, Rajesh Kumar,S. Sharma,J. B. Gupta322pdf
A71. A study of neutron-rich Mo isotopes by the projected shell model, Gopal Krishan,Rawan Kumar,Sonia Verma,Rani Devi,S. K. Khosa324pdf
A72. Microscopic study of band structure of some actinide nuclei, Saiqa Sadiq,Daya Ram,Rani Devi,S. K. Khosa326pdf
A73. New Islands of Inversion from the Latest Mass Predictions of the INM model, R. C. Nayak,L. Satpathy328pdf
A74. Distinctive features of isomers in transuranic actinides, R Gowrishankar,Kamalakanta Jena,P. C. Sood330pdf
A75. Multiparticle high-K structures in odd-A rare earth nuclei , R Gowrishankar,Kamalakanta Jena,P. C. Sood332pdf
A76. Giant dipole resonance and shape transitions in $^{144}$Sm, A. K Rhine Kumar,P Arumugam,I Mazumdar,Ish Mukul334pdf
A77. Study of Deformed Structures in N~Z Nuclei, R. Bhattacharjee,R. Chakrabarti,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,L. Chaturvedi,M. Kumar Raju,A. Dhal,N. Madhavan,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,B. K. Yogi,U. Garg,A. K. Sinha336pdf
A78. Novel Method of Lifetime Measurements in $^{156}$Dy with Aerogel Backing, A. K. Sinha,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Bhattacherjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,R. P. Singh,N. Madhavan,S. Muralithar,P. V. M. Rao,M. Kumar Raju,Krishichayan,L. Chaturvedi,S. Saha,J. Sethi,R. Palit,S. Mukhopadhyay,G. Smith,R. V. F. Janssens338pdf
A79. Effect of Tensor Interaction in Spin-orbit Splitting of Shell Model States, Rupayan Bhattacharya340pdf
A80. Role of neutron magicity in the cluster radioactivity , K. P. Santhosh,M. S. Unnikrishnan,B Priyanka342pdf
A81. Spectroscopy of $^{201}$Tl isotope, S. Dasgupta,S. Bhattacharyya,H. Pai,G. Mukherjee,R. Palit,A. Srivastava,S. Chanda,A. Chatterjee,V. Nanal,S. K. Pandit,S. Saha,S. Thakur344pdf
A82. Hyperdeformation through Jacobian Instability in Excited Krypton Isotopes, V Selvam,D. R. Jayahar Devadhason346pdf
A83. Shape Evolutions in Hot Rotating Transitional Nuclei, V Selvam,J. M. Beula348pdf
A84. Fine Structure in Cluster Radioactive Decays, V Selvam,D. R. Roshlin Sheeba Rani350pdf
A85. Study of Bubble Structure in the Superheavy Nuclei, Shailesh K. Singh,M. Ikram,S. K. Patra352pdf
A86. A Simple approach of extracting deformation parameter $\beta$ for asymmetric nuclei from E21, M. Singh,Aparna Sharma,Yuvraj Singh,A. K. Varshney,K. K. Gupta,D. K. Gupta354pdf
A87. Large scale shell model calculation for $^{120-130}$Sn, Soumik Das,Somnath Nag,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath356pdf
A88. Band structures in 96Tc , V. Singh,S. Sihotra,S. Kumar358pdf
A89. Experimental Investigation Shell Model Excitations of $^{89}$Zr up to High Spin and its Comparison with $^{88,90}$Zr, S. Saha,R. Palit,J. Sethi,T. Trivedi,P. C. Srivastava,S. Kumar,B. S. Naidu,R. Donthi,S. Jadhav,D. C. Biswas,U. Garg,A. Goswami,H. C. Jain,P. K. Joshi,G. Mukherjee,Z. Naik,S. Nag,V. Nanal,R. G. Pillay,S. Saha,A. K. Singh360pdf
A90. Low-lying deformed rotational bands in $N=50$ Ge nuclei, S. K. Ghorui,S. K. Patra,C. R. Praharaj,P. K. Raina,P. K. Rath362pdf
A91. Prediction of K -value for the superdeformed bands from the VMI model , V. S. Uma,Alpana Goel,A. K. Jain364pdf
A92. Measurement of Half life of exotic nuclei near proton drip-line, M. Roy,U. Datta Pramanik,P. Bhattacharya,S. Chakraborty,S. Mandal,S. Nag,R. Palit,R. Rahaman,J. Ray,A. K. Singh366pdf
A93. De-excitation of hot rotating nuclei near proton dripline, J Ray,U Datta Pramanik,R. K. Bhowmik,S Chakraborty,A Chakraborty,R Garg,S Goyal,S Ganguly,S Kumar,S Mandal,B Mukherjee,P Mukherjee,S Muralithar,D Negi,A Rahaman,I Ray,M Roy,M Saxena,K Selvakumar,P Singh,A. K. Singh,R. P. Singh368pdf
A94. Prediction of energies of yrast band in some even-even nuclei, A. K. Varshney,Yuvraj Singh,M. Singh,Chhail Bihari,S. K. Dhiman,K. K. Gupta,D. K. Gupta370pdf
A95. Staggering in $\gamma$-band energies and transition between isotopes of Mo nuclei, Vidya Devi,Jagjit Singh Matharu372pdf
A96. The study of nuclear structure of even-even Neodymium isotopes using Interacting Boson Model , Vidya Devi,J. B. Gupta374pdf
A97. The study of different dynamical symmetry in the Pd isotopes, Vidya Devi,H. M. Mittal376pdf
A98. A Role of Valence Particles Number Equal to 20 , V. Kumar,S. Kumar,Z. Hasan378pdf
A99. Ground state Lifetime Correlation with NpNn/[NpNn]$_{max}$, Vinod Kumar,Suresh Kumar,Dinesh Negi380pdf
A100. Precision and accuracy of the experimental data on Atomic Masses, B Pfeiffer,K Venkataramaniah,K Vijay Sai,U Czok,C Scheidenberger382pdf
A101. M1-E2 Mixing ratios and B[E2] values for transitions in 131 Xe , K Vijay Sai,S Deepa,K Madhusudan,T Ashish,K Venkataramaniah384pdf
A102. Binding Energy Difference of Light Mirror Hypernuclei and Nuclei, Z. Hasan,V. Kumar,Daksh Lohiya386pdf

b. Low and medium energy nuclear reactions      Top

B1. Study of entrance channel mass-asymmetry effect on incomplete fusion of $^{16}$O with $^{175}$Lu at E < 10 MeV/nucleon , Harish Kumar,R. Ali,D. Singh,M. P. N. Naseef,M. Afzal Ansari,K. S. Golda,S. Muralithar,Kumar Rakesh,J. J. Das,R. P. Singh,R. P. Bhowmik390pdf
B2. Determination of the $^{241}$Pu [n,f] reaction cross sections by surrogate ratio method , V. V. Desai,B. K. Nayak,A. Saxena,D. C. Biswas,E. T. Mirgule,B. V. John,S. Santra,L. S. Danu,Y. K. Gupta,G. Prajapati,B. N. Joshi,S. Mukhopadhyay,S. Kailas,P. K. Pujari,A. Kumar,D. Patel,S. Mukherjee,P. Prajapati392pdf
B3. Measurement of cross section of projectile like fragments in 19F+159Tb reaction at Elab=5. 1 MeV/nucleon, Amit Kumar,R. Tripathi,S. Sodaye,K. Sudarshan,P. K. Pujari394pdf
B4. Measurement of direct breakup and transfer-breakup for $^7$Li+$^{93}$Nb,$^{89}$Y systems around the Coulomb barrier, S. K. Pandit,A. Shrivastava,K. Mahata,V. V. Parkar,P. C. Rout,C. S. Palshetkar,I Martel,Abhinav Kumar,A. Chatterjee,S. Kailas396pdf
B5. Fission fragment anisotropies for $^{6,7}$Li+$^{235,238}$U, A. Parihari,S. Santra,N. L. Singh,K. Mahata,P. K. Rath,K. Ramachandran,B. K. Nayak,S. Kailas398pdf
B6. Study of fission fragment angular distribution for $^{19}$F + $^{194, 196,198}$Pt reactions at near and above barrier energies, Varinderjit Singh,B. R. Behera,Maninder Kaur,A. Jhingan,P. Sugathan,D. Siwal,M. Oswal,S. Goyal,K. P. Singh,A. Saxena,S. Kailas400pdf
B7. Fission fragment mass distribution around $A$ = 136 in $^{239}$Pu [$n_{th}$, f] reaction, Y. K. Gupta,D. C. Biswas,U. Koster,O. Serot,A. Chatterjee,S. Kailas402pdf
B8. Dynamics of fragment capture in $^7$Li + $^{198}$Pt, A. Shrivastava,A. Navin,A. Diaz-Torres,V. Nanal,K. Ramachandran,M. Rejmund,S. Bhattacharyya,A. Chatterjee,S. Kailas,R. Palit,V. V. Parkar,R. G. Pillay,P. C. Rout,Y. Sawant404pdf
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B85. Effect of nuclear deformation parameters in heavy-ion fusion reactions involving spherical-spherical systems, Nisha Chauhan,S. S. Godre558pdf
B86. Rotational and Vibrational Excitations of Colliding Nuclei in aThree-Stage Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulation, M. R. Morker,S. S. Godre560pdf
B87. Dynamical evolution of the ground state configurations of nuclei used in heavy-ion collision calculations, M. R. Morker,S. S. Godre562pdf
B88. Determination of Average Neutron Flux of an Am-Be Neutron Source by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis, Y. Naik,H. Naik,N. S. Tawade,D. Chandrashekar,A. Mathre,S. G. Kulkarni, 564pdf
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B94. $K^{-}$-nucleus elastic scattering at 800 MeV/c, Deeksha Chauhan,Z. A. Khan,Minita Singh576pdf

c. Physics with radioactive ion beams      Top

C1. Precise life-time measurement of the T=1/2 mirror $\beta$ transitions, P. D. Shidling,Dan Melconian,R. S. Behling,M Mehlman,B Fenker580pdf
C2. Proton removal cross-section of neutron-rich nuclei [N~20] as a probe to determine size of the nuclei, A. Rahaman,U. Datta Pramanik,T. Aumann,S> Beceiro,T. Le Bleis,K. Boretzky582pdf
C3. Selective suppression of eigen states with an absorptive potential, M. Dharani,Basudeb Sahu,S. Mahadevan,C. S. Shastry584pdf
C4. O Isotopes: Drip line within Relativistic Mean Field plus BCS Approach, M. Kaushik,G. Saxena,D. Singh586pdf
C5. Effects of Projectile Breakup on Fusion Reactions around Barrier Energies, Rajesh Kharab588pdf
C6. Electric quadrupole and dipole-quadrupole interference effects in Coulomb breakup of 15C, Pardeep Singh,Rajiv Kumar590pdf
C7. Coulomb dissociation of $^{23}$O within the quark-meson coupling model, R. Chatterjee,R. Shyam592pdf
C8. A new approach to study single proton breakup from exotic nuclei, Ravinder Kumar,Angela Bonaccorso594pdf
C9. Longitudinal momentum distribution analyses close to the neutron drip line, near N = 8 and N = 20, Shubhchintak,R. Chatterjee596pdf

d. Nuclear astrophysics and nuclear matter      Top

D1. Q values in $rp$-process and a new mass formula, Chirashree Lahiri,G. Gangopadhyay600pdf
D2. Simulation of the intrinsic background of PICASSO detector for dark matter search experiment , Susnata Seth,Mala Das,PICASSO Collaboration602pdf
D3. Sensitivity of radius of massive neutron stars to their exotic cores, Neha Gupta,P. Arumugam604pdf
D4. Length [Mass] Scales in Finite Temperature Dual QCD, Akhilesh Ranjan,Hemwati Nandan606pdf
D5. The role of isoscalar-isovector coupling in symmetric energy of Infinite nuclear matter, M. Bhuyan,S. K. Singh,S. K. Patra,P. K. Panda608pdf
D6. Single particle potential in asymmetric nuclear matter, Chapala Das,Satrujit Mishra,Pramila Panda610pdf
D7. Equation of state of Symmetric Nuclear matter and Neutron Matter in Brueckner-Hartree-Fock Approach with Three-Body Force, Dipti Pachouri,W. Haider,Y. K. Gambhir612pdf
D8. Imperical relationship in the properties of static and rotating protoneutron star, Gulshan Mahajan,S. K. Dhiman614pdf
D9. Properties of rotating protoneutron star within the extended field theoretical model, Gulshan Mahajan,S. K. Dhiman616pdf
D10. Formation of drip line nuclei in rapid neutron capture process, Mohammad Ikram,S. K. Patra618pdf
D11. Development of Proton Computed Tomography [pCT] Detector for Cancer Therapy, Kavita Lalwani620pdf
D12. Optical Activity From High Energy Physics Models, Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Avijit Kumar Ganguly622pdf
D13. Study of Stellar objects with Strange Quark Matter Crust , Navjot Hothi,Shuchi Bisht624pdf
D14. Neutron Stars in a Skyrme Model with $\Lambda$ hyperons, Neelam Guleria,Shashi K Dhiman,Radhey Shyam626pdf
D15. Photodisintegration cross-section of $^{9}$Be, Neelam,Shubhchintak628pdf
D16. Interplay between hyperons and antikaons in E-RMF description of neutron stars, Neha Gupta,P. Arumugam630pdf
D17. Study of Beta Equilibrated 2+1 Flavor Quark Matter in PNJL Model, Sarbani Majumder632pdf
D18. Spin entanglement in photodisintegration of deuteron, S. P. Shilpashree,Swarnamala Sirsi,G. Ramachandran634pdf
D19. Linear dependence of the single particle potential on asymmetry parameter, S. Chakraborty,B. Sahoo,S. Sahoo636pdf
D20. Proto-neutron Star with trapped Neutrinos , S K Tripathy,T R Routray,B Behera638pdf
D21. China Jin-Ping Deep Underground Laboratory: Status and Plan , Arun Kumar Soma,Manoj Kumar Singh,Lakhwinder Singh,Vivek Sharma,Kapil Saraswat,Venktesh Singh,V. S. Subrahmanyam,Henry Tsz-king Wong640pdf
D22. Prospects of Dark Matter Search with PCGe under deepwater, Venktesh Singh,Arun Kumar Soma,Lakhwinder Singh,Manoj Kumar Singh,Vivek Sharma,V. S. Subrahmanyam642pdf

e. Intermediate energy nuclear reactions and physics of hadrons      Top

E1. Radiative decays of ground state light vector mesons with non relativistic and relativistic phase spaces , Antony P. Monteiro,K. B. Vijayakumar,A. P. Radhakrishna,Bhagyesh646pdf
E2. Sea Content for Sigma Triplet using Principle of Detailed Balance, Meenakshi Batra,Alka Upadhyay648pdf
E3. $\omega \rightarrow \pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{0}$ decays in p-p collisions, Siddhesh Sawant650pdf
E4. Reaction mechanism of the coherent $\eta$ meson production in the isovector nucleus, Swapan Das652pdf
E5. SiPM based fast scintillation detector SciTil for PANDA: Simulation for photon arrival time distribution, U. K. Pal,H. Kumawat,V. Jha,B. J. Roy,A. Chatterjee,S. Kailas654pdf
E6. Status of Y [10355], Y [10860], Y$_b$ [10888] and Y[11020] bottonia like states, P. C. Vinodkumar,Manan Shah,Bhavin Patel656pdf
E7. $\nu_\mu[\bar\nu_\mu]-^{208}$Pb deep inelastic scattering, Huma Haider,I. Ruiz Simo,M. Sajjad Athar658pdf
E8. L=0 States of Heavy Qiarkonia, Nayneshkumar Devlani,Ajay Kumar Rai660pdf
E9. $e^\pm$ induced single kaon production off the neucleon, M. Rafi Alam,I. Ruiz Simo,M. Sajjad Athar,M. J. Vicente Vacas662pdf
E10. Mass spectra of heavy quarkonia using Cornell plus harmonic potential, R Kumar,D Kumar,F Chand664pdf
E11. Proton- 12C elastic scattering and the NN amplitude, Minita Singh,Z. A. Khan,Deeksha Chauhan666pdf
E12. Ground State Properties of The $B_c$ Meson, Ajay Kumar Rai,Nayneshkumar Devlani668pdf
E13. Simulations to Measure Hyperons using Lambda Disk, Ajay Kumar670pdf
E14. Towards the $\omega$$\pi$ Transition Form Factor, Ankita Goswami672pdf
E15. An Analytical Study of Jet Cross-section in Proton-Proton Interactions, Hardik. P Tivedi,Pallavi Bhatt,Anil Kumar,Lalit K. Gupta,Jai Prakash Gupta,Krishna Chandra,Than Singh Saini,Archna Kansal674pdf
E16. Consequence of colliding geometry and rapidity range on anisotropic flow, Anupriya Jain,Suneel Kumar,Rajeev K. Puri676pdf
E17. Radiative decays of some light mesons with relativistic phase spaces , Antony P. Monteiro,K. B. Vijayakumar,A. P. Radhakrishna,Bhagyesh678pdf
E18. Nonleptonic decay widths of $B^0$ mesons into $D^+\pi^-$, Arpit Parmar,Bhavin Patel,Vinodkumar P C 680pdf
E19. Properties of Nucleon in Nuclear Matter, A. Chandra,A. Bhattacharya,B. Chakrabarti682pdf
E20. $\Theta^{+}$ Excited states and Decay width, A. Chandra,A. Bhattacharya,B. Chakrabarti684pdf
E21. Scaling Behaviour of the Multiplicity Distribution of Shower Particles at 3. 7 A GeV , Ashok Kumar,R. K. Jain,B. K. Singh686pdf
E22. Light mass neutron rich hypernuclei, B. Bhowmick,A. Bhattacharyya,G. Gangopadhyay688pdf
E23. Hadron Energy Resolution and Physics Analysis For INO-ICAL Detector, Daljeet Kaur,Md. Naimuddin,Sanjeev Verma690pdf
E24. Systematic study of transverse momentum spectra, Ritu Pal,Aman D. Sood,Rajeev K. Puri692pdf
E25. Role of the structural effects on the directed flow, Rajni Bansal,Rajeev K. Puri694pdf
E26. Radiative decays of $Q\bar Q$ mesons, J. N. Pandya,A. K. Rai696pdf
E27. On the directed transverse flow and the relation between symmetric and asymmetric collisions, Karan Singh Vinayak,Rubina Bansal,Suneel Kumar698pdf
E28. The alpha decay rates of heavy hypernuclei, Kaushal Thakkar,Ajay Majethiya,P. C. Vinodkumar 700pdf
E29. Correlation between nuclear stopping and directed flow at intermediate energies, Suneel Kumar,Anupriya Jain702pdf
E30. Neutron-proton Pt-differential sideward flow as a probe for symmetry energy, Suneel Kumar,Karan Singh Vinayak704pdf
E31. P$-$wave and D$-$wave masses of Bottonium in a phenomenological confinement Scheme, Manan Shah,Arpit Parmar,P. C. Vinodkumar706pdf
E32. Density and thermalization in heavy-ion reactions at the geometry of vanishing flow , Mandeep Kaur,Sakshi Gautam,Rajeev K. Puri708pdf
E33. Effect of different potentials on anisotropic flow, Mandeep Kaur,Varinderjit Kaur,Suneel Kumar710pdf
E34. Generalized Parton Distribution for Non Zero Skewness, Narinder Kumar,Harleen Dahiya,Oleg Teryaev712pdf
E35. Magnetic moment of the ${\Lambda} [1405]$ resonance in the chiral quark model, Neetika Sharma,Harleen Dahiya,A. Martinez Torres,K. P. Khemchandani714pdf
E36. Mass spectra of Bc Meson with energy dependent potential , Pramila Gupta716pdf
E37. Effect of position and momentum constraints on charge distribution in heavy-ion collisions, Rajni Bansal,Suneel Kumar718pdf
E38. To optimize the spatial and momentum constraints for fragment production, Rajni Bansal,Suneel Kumar720pdf
E39. Charge contents of fragment produced in heavy ion collision near Fermi energy regime, Rubina Bansal,Suneel Kumar,Rajeev K. Puri722pdf
E40. Effect of incident energy and mass asymmetry on the production of charge fragments, Rubina Bansal,Suneel Kumar,Rajeev K. Puri724pdf
E41. Transverse flow and its disappearance: role of mass asymmetry, Lovejot Kaur,Sakshi Gautam,Rajeev K. Puri726pdf
E42. The nuclear symmetry energy effect on flow : role of initialization, Sakshi Gautam,Rajeev K Puri728pdf
E43. Effect of neutron skin thickness on transverse flow in heavy-ion collisions, Sakshi Gautam,Rajeev K Puri730pdf
E44. A variational approach to study a single lambda-hypernucleus as a three-body system: example 9Be$_\lambda$ hypernucleus, S. Mahapatra732pdf
E45. Study of Stopping Power for proton in different materials- A Geant4 Based Simulation, Yadav Vibhuti,S. N. L Sirisha,Bhatnagar Sonali734pdf
E46. Monte Carlo Simulation of Y[4260] State Using PANDAROOT, Rajeshkumar Dudhat,S. S. Godre,Ajay Kumar Rai736pdf
E47. $\Delta$ in $\pi^{0}$ production in $pp$ collisions, G Ramachandran,Sujith Thomas,Venkataraya738pdf
E48. On the system size dependence of the emission of intermediate mass fragments in neutron-rich reactions, Sukhjit Kaur,Rajeev K. Puri740pdf
E49. Isospin dependence of the peak fragment production in heavy-ion collision, Sukhjit Kaur,Rajeev K. Puri742pdf
E50. Study of symmetry energy to temperature ratio in projectile fragmentation reaction, S. Mallik,G. Chaudhuri,S Das Gupta744pdf
E51. Universality of projectile fragmentation model, G Chaudhuri,S Mallik,S Das Gupta746pdf
E52. Isoscaling parameter in nuclear multifragmentation, S. Mallik,G. Chaudhuri748pdf
E53. S wave $c \bar c$ spectrum in a semi-relativistic model, K. B. Vijaya Kumar,A. Bhaghyesh,A. P. Monteiro,V. K. Nilakanthan750pdf
E54. Properties of charmonium in a semi-relativistic formalism, A. Bhaghyesh,K. B. Vijaya Kumar,A. P. Monteiro,V. K. Nilakanthan752pdf
E55. Simulation studies for the novel charmonium like state Y[4140] with PANDAROOT, Rajeshkumar Dudhat,V. Jha,B. J. Roy,A. K. Rai,S. S. Godre,A. Chatterjee,S. Kailas754pdf

f. Relativistic nuclear collisions and QGP      Top

F1. Charmonium Production in Pb+Pb Collisions at $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$ = 2. 76 TeV, Abdulla Abdulsalam,Vineet Kumar,Prashant Shukla758pdf
F2. New derivation of relativistic dissipative fluid dynamics, Amaresh Jaiswal,Rajeev S. Bhalerao,Subrata Pal760pdf
F3. Y Production in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2. 76 TeV. , Vineet Kumar,Abdulla Abdulsalam,P. Shukla762pdf
F4. Nuclear suppression of single electrons at relativistic heavy ion collisions, Umme Jamil,Raktim Abir,Munshi Golam Mustafa,Dinesh K Srivastava764pdf
F5. Probing the QCD critical point by higher moments of the net-charge and net-proton multiplicity distribution in STAR Experiment, Nihar Ranjan Sahoo766pdf
F6. Hadronic spectra in p+p collisions at RHIC and LHC energies, P. K. Khandai,P Sett,P Shukla,V Singh768pdf
F7. Fluctuating Glasma initial condition for heavy ion collisions. , Prithwish Tribedy,Bjoern Schenke,Raju Venugopalan770pdf
F8. Constituent Quarks and Charge Particle Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions, Aditya Nath Mishra,Rakesh Mazumder,Raghunath Sahoo,Basanta Kumar Nandi772pdf
F9. Heavy Flavor Energy Loss and D-Mesons in ALICE@LHC, Raktim Abir,Umme Jamil,Munshi Golam Mustafa,Dinesh K. Srivastava774pdf
F10. $\omega$ spectral function in hot and dense matter, Sabyasachi Ghosh,Sourav Sarkar776pdf
F11. Charge fluctuations in Pb--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = $2. 76 TeV measured by ALICE experiment at LHC, Satyajit Jena778pdf
F12. Shear viscosity to entropy density ratio of an interacting pion gas, Sukanya Mitra,Sabyasachi Ghosh,Sourav Sarkar780pdf
F13. Fractality in $^{28}$Si-Ag/Br interaction at 14. 5A GeV, P Mail,A Mukhopadhyay,G Singh782pdf
F14. Wavelet analysis in $^{28}$Si-Ag/Br interaction at $14. 5A$ GeV, P Mali,A Mukhopadhyay,G Singh784pdf
F15. Topological Dyons in Non-Temporal Gauge, Pallavi Bhatt,Hardik P. Trivedi,Anil Kumar,Lalit K. Gupta,Jai Prakash Gupta,Krishna Chandra,Than Singh Saini,Archna Kansal786pdf
F16. Study of Quark-Hadron Phase Transition using Connecting Void Approach, Dipak Ghosh,Argha Deb,Mitali Mondal,Arindam Mondal,Soma Biswas (Ghosh),Debjani Bhattacharya788pdf
F17. Measurement of total charge changing cross-section for 10 A GeV Fe26+ ion beam in polyethylene and CR39 media, Renu Gupta,Ashavani Kumar790pdf
F18. Study of dynamical net-charge fluctuations in Au+Au collisions in STAR at RHIC, Bhanu Sharma792pdf
F19. Measurement of $\Psi$(2S)/$\Psi$(1S) ratio in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 7 TeV, Biswarup Paul,Sukalyan Chattopadhyay794pdf
F20. Study of Jet Shapes in Pb-Pb collisions at 2. 76 TeV with CMS Experiment, Dipanwita Dutta796pdf
F21. Particle Ratio Fluctuations at LHC energies, D. Rathee,M. M. Aggarwal,S. Jena,B. K. Nandi,T. K. Nayak 798pdf
F22. Multiplicity and pseudo-rapidity distributions of photons at forward rapidity in STAR at RHIC energies, Dronika Solanki800pdf
F23. Some Results on 32S - Emulsion interactions at 200 AGeV, Mir Hashim Rasool,M. Ayaz Ahmad,Shafiq Ahamd802pdf
F24. Diagonising quark gluon plasma formation by studying the radial flow in In+In collision at 158 A GeV SPS energy, Jajati K. Nayak804pdf
F25. Fluctuations and correlations of conserved charges in PNJL model, Anirban Lahiri806pdf
F26. Medium modified heavy quark potential in anisotropic QGP, Lata Thakur,Binoy Krishna Patra808pdf
F27. Wake in anisotropic quark-gluon plasma, Mahatsab Mandal,Pradip Roy810pdf
F28. Inclusive Charged Hadron $v_{2}$ in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=7. 7 - 39 GeV in STAR, Md. Nasim812pdf
F29. Determination of the true Nc limit of the baryons from the QCD phase diagrams , Navjot Hothi,Shuchi Bisht814pdf
F30. Study of Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlations in 14. 5A GeV/c $^{28}$Si-AgBr Collisions, N. AHMAD816pdf
F31. Predictions for higher moments of Net-Charge and Net-Baryon from RHIC to LHC, Nirbhay Kumar Behera,Satyajit Jena,Basanta Kumar Nandi,Tapan Kumar Nayak818pdf
F32. Wavelet analysis of unusual Superspiky event produced in 32S-Ag/Br interactions at 200A GeV/c, Sanjib Kumar Manna,Prabir Kumar Haldar820pdf
F33. Wavelet analysis of Ring and Jet-like events at CERN SPS Energy, Prabir Kumar Haldar,Sanjib Kumar Manna,Prosenjit Saha822pdf
F34. Numerically modeling Bose-Einstein correlation, Ankita Pakrashi,Provash Mali,Amitabha Mukhopadhyay824pdf
F35. K* meson production in Cu+Cu collision at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV at PHENIX , P Sett,P Shukla826pdf
F36. Thermal model description of hadronic ratios in pp collision at RHIC and LHC energies, P Sett,P. K. Khandai,P Shukla828pdf
F37. Suppression of bottomonia states in finite size quark gluon plasma in PbPb collisions at LHC, Prashant Shukla,Abdulla Abdulsalam,Vineet Kumar830pdf
F38. A study of Local Multiplicity Fluctuations in Simulated Data at LHC Energies, Ramni Gupta,Rohni Sharma 832pdf
F39. Elliptic flow of [anti-]deuteron in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 39 GeV in STAR, Md. Rihan Haque834pdf
F40. Simulation and design studies of ALICE Forward Calorimeter, S Muhuri,T. K. Nayak836pdf
F41. Heavy lepton pair production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at LHC energy - a case study, Sarbani Majumder838pdf
F42. Polyakov Loop and recombination dynamics of quarks and gluons, Aminul Islam Chowdhury,Abir Raktim,Munshi Golam Mustafa,Rajarshi Ray,Sanjay K. Ghosh840pdf
F43. Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlations in Collisions at 60A and 200A GeV/c $^{16}$O-AgBr Collisions, Shakeel Ahmad,Anuj Changra,A Ahmad842pdf
F44. Next to leading order calculation of neutrino emissivity from degenerate quark matter, Souvik Priyam Adhya,Pradip K. Roy,Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder844pdf
F45. Modification of the quasiparticle damping rate in presence of flow in hot QCD plasma, Sreemoyee Sarkar,Abhee Kanti Dutt-Mazumder846pdf
F46. Response simulation of the GEM detector for the CBM experiment, Partha Pratim Bhaduri,Subhasis Chattopadhyay848pdf
F47. Multiparticle production in 4. 5A GeV/c 28Si-nucleus interactions, Mohammad Tariq,Abdur Rahim Khan850pdf
F48. A study of compound particles in pion-nucleus interactions, TUFAIL AHAMD852pdf
F49. Gluonic dissociation of $J/\psi$'s in a viscous strongly-copuled quark-gluon plasma, Uttam Kakade,B. K. Patra854pdf
F50. Study of Projectile Fragments Charge Distribution at Relativistic Energy, Ramji Pathak,Manoj Kumar Singh,Venktesh Singh856pdf

g. Accelerators and instrumentation for Nuclear Physics      Top

G1. Testing of a triple-GEM chamber with muon beams at CERN SPS , A. K. Dubey,J, Saini,R. N. Singaraju,Z. Ahammad,S. Chattopadhyay,G. S. N. Murthy,Y. P. Viyogi,A. Prakash,B. K. Singh860pdf
G2. Performance of Integrated $\delta$E-E Silicon Detector Telescope with Light Charged Particles and Fission Fragments , Arvind Singh,S. Santra,Anita Topkar,K. Mahata,P. K. Rath,A. Parihari,P. K. Mukhopadhyay,A. Chatterjee,C. K. Pithawa862pdf
G3. Charged particle detector array: 45$^{0}$-175$^{0}$ , S. Kundu,C. Bhattacharya,T. K. Rana,K. Banerjee,S. Bhattacharya,J. K. Meena,R. Saha,G. Mukherjee,T. K. Ghosh,R. Pandey,P. Roy,M. Gohil,V. Srivastava,A. Dey,G. Pal,S. Roy,S. R. Bajirao,C. Nandi864pdf
G4. Extracting Physics from P+ PCGe Detector near Noise Edge, Venktesh Singh,Manoj Kumar Singh,Lakhwinder Singh,Vivek Sharma,Nishant Singh Chouhan,Kapil Saraswat,V. S. Subrahmanyam,Henry Tsz-king Wong866pdf
G5. Neutron response of the LAMBDA spectrometer, Balaram Dey,Deepak Pandit,S. Mukhopadhyay,Surajit Pal,K. Banerjee,S. R. Banerjee868pdf
G6. Superconducting Solenoid Spectrometer as Fragment Analyzer, Debasish Mondal,B. K. Nayak870pdf
G7. A modular TAS Setup at VECC using BaF$_2$ detectors, G Mukherjee,Balaram Dey,S Mukhopadhyay,Deepak Pandit,Surajit Pal,H Pai,S. R Banerjee872pdf
G8. Characterisation of a LaBr$_3$[Ce]-NaI[Tl] Phoswich detector for high energy gamma rays, Neha Dokania,V. S. Nanal,V. Singh,N. Katyan,S. Mathimalar,R. G. Pillay,D. R. Chakrabarty,V. M. Datar,Suresh Kumar,G. Mishra,M. S. Pose,S. Mishra,Deepak Pandit,S. Mukhopadhay874pdf
G9. VECC Cryogenic Penning Ion Trap: A status report, P. Das,A. K. Sikdar,A. Reza,Subrata Saha,A. Dutta Gupta,S. K. Das,R. Guin,S. Murali,A. Goswami,H. P. Sharma,A. De,K. Banerjee,B. Dam,A. Ray876pdf
G10. Low energy light ion beam development and Status of Variable Energy Cyclotron at Kolkata , P. S Chakraborty,B Shoor,S Chattopadhyay,A Polley,S. K Pattanayak,M Dutta,P. K Behera,Partha S Chakraborty,S Ghosh,A Dey,N Roy,C Mallik878pdf
G11. Online Monitoring of Fast Neutron [DT/DD] at Neutron Generator, S. Bishnoi,T. Patel,M Shukla,P. S. Adhikari,A Sinha880pdf
G12. Development of Silicon Photomultiplier in India using CMOS Technology , Anita Topkar,Arvind Singh,Bharti Aggarwal,A. K. Mohanty,Sunanda Banerjee,P. K. Mukhopadhyay,C. K. Pithawa882pdf
G13. Design of a dynamic orthogonalized Penning trap with higher order anharmonicity compensation , A. K. Sikdar,P Das,A Ray884pdf
G14. A proposed method to measure relativistic kinetic energy of electrons in Penning Trap, A. K. Sikdar,A. Ray,P. Das886pdf
G15. Collection and collimation of fission fragments using electromagnetic fields , Bency John888pdf
G16. Pulse Shape Analysis of a two fold clover detector with EMD based algorithm , Davinder Siwal,S. Mandal,R. Palit,J. Sethi,R. Garg,S. Saha,A. Prasad,P. B. Chavan,B. S. Naidu,S. Jadhav,R. Donthi,H. Schaffner,J. Adamczweski,N. Kurz,H. J. Wollersheim,R. Singh890pdf
G17. A hybrid detector telescope for fission fragments and light charge particles, R. P. Vind,Y. K. Gupta,A. L. Inkar,R. V. Jangale,D. C. Biswas892pdf
G18. Cadmium telluride charged-particle detector, Damodar Sahoo894pdf
G19. Fabrication of $^{203,205}$Tl targets on carbon backing, J. Gehlot,S. R. Abhilash,S. Ojha,D. Mehta,D. Kabiraj,A. M. Vinodkumar896pdf
G20. Preparation of Thallium target for fusion-fission studies, Golda K. S. ,Abhilash S. R. ,A. Saxena,V. K. Mittal,D. Kabiraj,S Kailas898pdf
G21. A protoype FPGA-based digital pulse processing system, J. A. Gore,S. G. Kulkarni,A. Shrivastava,K. Mahata,S. K. Pandit,V. V. Parkar,A. Chatterjee,P. V. Bhagwat,S. Kailas900pdf
G22. Preparation and Characterization of a 22Ne implanted target, Abhijit Bisoi,C. A. Desai,L. C. Tribedi,M. Saha Sarkar902pdf
G23. Characteristics of Si-PIN diode X Ray Detector with DSP electronics , Juhi Dutta,Abhijit Bisoi,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Sudatta Ray,Archisman Saha,Srijita Tapader,M Saha Sarkar 904pdf
G24. Characterization of Clover Detector for an Offline detector array, Abhijit Bisoi,Sudatta Ray,Dibyadyuti Pramanik,Suparna Hazra,Punya Chakravarty,Supriti Sen,M Saha Sarkar906pdf
G25. Study of an alternative design of Luminosity Monitor Detector for $\bf \bar P$ANDA at FAIR - GSI, Manoj Jadhav,Raghava Varma908pdf
G26. Induced activity in $^{nat}$Pb by 200 MeV proton beam, Vramori Mitra,Anamika Patra,Maitreyee Nandy910pdf
G27. SEU mitigation technique by Dynamic Reconfiguration method in FPGA based DSP application, Madhusudan Dey,Abhishek Singh,Amitava Roy912pdf
G28. Improvement of field uniformity in the ICAL magnet using air slots in the iron plates, P. R. Sarma,Y. P. Viyogi914pdf
G29. The Multi-crate VME Data Acquisition System, Partha Dhara,Amitava Roy,Pintu Maity,Pranab Singha Roy916pdf
G30. R&D on a large single volume detector for dark matter search experiment, P. K. Mondal,M. Das918pdf
G31. Non-destructive quantification of boron and 10B to 11B ratios in neutron absorber materials by PIGE using proton beam from FOTIA, BARC , Sumit Chhillar,R Acharya,P. K. Pujari920pdf
G32. Development of Magnet and associated power supply system for g - factor measurement setup, Rajesh Kumar,Mansi Saxena,S. K. Suman,S. Mandal,Soumen Kar,Mukesh Kumar,A. Mandal922pdf
G33. Design and implementation of resource and performance monitoring tool for computing cluster, Anirban Das,Raman Sehgal,Dipanwita Dutta924pdf
G34. Prototype Shared Memory, ROOT based online monitoring frontend for DAQs, Raman Sehgal,P. K. Netrakanti,L. M. Pant,R. G. Thomas926pdf
G35. Locating neutron beam position using neutron activation analysis, Ranjita Mandal,V. N. Bhoraskar,S. J. Deepa,D. Sengupta928pdf
G36. Development of a low pressure PPAC for detection of heavy charged particles , R Pandey,T. K Ghosh,J. K Meena,K Banerjee,C Bhattacharya,S Bhattacharya,M Gohil,G Mukherjee,S Kundu,T. K Rana,P Roy,H Pai,V Srivastava930pdf
G37. Performance of a single GEM detector using Ar/CH4 gas mixture , C. Yadav,R. G. Thomas,S. T. Sehgal,V. K. S. Kashyap,L. M. Pant,A. K. Mohanty 932pdf
G38. Calibration of RPC gas mixture, S. T. Sehgal,V. K. S. Kashyap,C. Yadav,R. G. Thomas,L. M. Pant934pdf
G39. Monte Carlo simulation for estimation of trigger rate in Cosmic Hodoscope at NPD-BARC, V. K. S. Kashyap,R. G. Thomas,L. M. Pant 936pdf
G40. VME based DAQ for Hodoscope characterization, V. K. S. Kashyap,C. Yadav,S. T. Sehgal,R. Sehgal,R. G. Thomas,L. M. Pant938pdf
G41. High Z sensitivity test of the Muon Tomography System, R. G. Thomas,V. K. S. Kashyap,C. Yadav,S. T. Sehgal,L. M. Pant,A. K. Mohanty 940pdf
G42. Fabrication of Cu cooling systems for CMS RPCs, L. M. Pant,Manish Kumar,A. T. Chaudhari,T. P. Sabharwal942pdf
G43. Digital Pulse Processing Simulations in MATLAB & OCTAVE for Nuclear Spectroscopy, A. K. Tiwari,R. Raut,K. Basu,S. S. Ghugre,A. Dutta,A. K. Sinha944pdf
G44. Enriched 148Nd Target on Ultra Low-Density Backing, K. Basu,S. S. Bhattacharjee,R. Raut,S. S. Ghugre,S. R. Abhilash,D. Kabiraj,I. Bala,R. P. Singh,S. Muralithar,A. K. Sinha946pdf
G45. Gamma ray sensitivity of R-12 superheated emulsion detector at higher pressure using 241Am and 137Cs gamma sources , R. Sarkar,P. K. Mondal,B. K. Chatterjee948pdf
G46. Study of field profile of a Mini Orange magnet, S. Dasgupta,A. Dutta,S. Bhattacharyya,P. Das,A. Reja,U. Bhuia,S. Saha,S. Murali,Md. H. Rasid950pdf
G47. Design of air cooled quadrupole magnets for high current injector at IUAC, Sarvesh Kumar,G Rodrigues,A Mandal 952pdf
G48. Silicon Pad Detectors for ALICE Forward Calorimeter, S. A. Khan,S. R. Narayan,J. Saini,P. Bhaskar,S. Muhuri,Y. P. Prabhakara Rao,Y. Rejeena Rani,V. B. Chandratre,S. Mukhopadhyay,T. K. Nayak954pdf
G49. GPU accelerated hough transform for high level trigger application, S. Mohanty,P. Hristov956pdf
G50. A method to estimate transmission efficiency of HYRA, S. Nath,E. Prasad958pdf
G51. Study of neutron and alpha particle induced events in superheated droplet detector, S. Seth,P. K. Mondal,M. Das 960pdf
G52. Measurement of $\beta$ end point energies with LEPS detector, T Bhattacharjee,A Chowdhury,D Banerjee,P Das,S K Das,D Pandit,S Pal,S Mukhopadhyay,H Pai,R Guin,S R Banerjee962pdf
G53. Study of Multi-strip Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chamber, U. Datta Pramanik,S. Chakraborty,A. Rahaman,S. Chatterjee964pdf
G54. Response of fast plastic scintillator detector , A. Rahaman,U. Datta Pramanik,P. Bhattacharya,S. Chakraborty,,S. Chatterjee,,J. Ray,M. Ray966pdf
G55. Study of Surface Resistivity of Resistive Plate Chamber Detectors , Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Vivek Sharma,Nishant Singh Chouhan,Kapil Saraswat,Venktesh Singh,Vajapeyjula Srinivasa Subrahmanyam968pdf
G56. Trigger Detector Study for Resistive Plate Chamber Detectors, Nishant Singh Chouhan,Vivek Sharma,Manoj Kumar Jaiswal,Kapil Saraswat,Venktesh Singh,Vajapeyjula Srinivasa Subrahmanyam970pdf
G57. Real time data analysis using GPU for High energy physics experiments, Vikas Singhal,Partha Pratim Bhaduri,Subhasis Chattopadhyay,Sanjeev Kumar Aggarwal972pdf

T. Thesis Presentations      Top

T1. Spectroscopy of trans-lead nuclei, Debasmita Kanjilal976pdf
T2. Collective clusterization in ground and excited states of nuclear systems at low energies, Gudveen Sawhney978pdf
T3. Study of nuclear structure near the Z = 82 and N = 82 shell closures , H Pai980pdf
T4. Structural evolution in $^{125}$I, $^{123}$I and $^{122}$I with increasing angular momentum, Purnima Singh982pdf
T5. Study of collective nuclear structure of some light and medium mass nuclei, Rajesh Kumar984pdf
T6. Double Beta Decay Study of Some Nuclei in the Mass Range $A=76$ to $150$ within the Deformed Hartree-Fock Model, S. K. Ghorui986pdf
T7. Probing the in-complete fusion reaction dynamics using light-heavy-ions, Abhishek Yadav988pdf
T8. Study of reactions with the weakly bound projectile: $^9$Be, C. S. Palshetkar990pdf
T9. Studies of neutron-induced fission and nuclear reaction for AHWR and ADS applications, P. M. Prajapati992pdf
T10. Effect of breakup on complete fusion of weakly bound $^{6,7}$Li projectiles with $^{144,152}$Sm targets, P. K. Rath994pdf
T11. Statistical and Dynamical Aspects in the Study of Compound nucleaus and Nuclear Fission, Y. K. Gupta996pdf
T12. Experimental Studies on Dark Matter using Germanium Detectors with Sub-keV Sensitivity, Arun Kumar Soma,Venktesh Singh,Henry Tsz-king Wong998pdf
T13. Measurement of the branching ratio of a rare decay $\eta\rightarrow\pi^{0}\gamma\gamma$ with WASA-at-COSY, Kavita Lalwani1000pdf
T14. Study of isospin effects in the disappearance of flow, Sakshi Gautam1002pdf
T15. Electromagnetic Radiations from Partons and Hadrons, Payal Mohanty1004pdf
T16. $\rho^0$[770] vector meson production and elliptic flow measurement in Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV in STAR at RHIC, Prabhat Pujahari1006pdf
T17. Energy Dependence Study of Projectile Fragmentation of 84Kr36+ Emulsion Interactions , Manoj Kumar Singh,Ramji Pathak,Venktesh Singh1008pdf
T18. Transverse beam diagnostics at GSI SIS-18 Synchrotron, Rahul Singh1010pdf